Our Partners

The secret of our success

Since Zucchetti’s foundation, all our partners have contributed and continue to work towards our shared success. Becoming one of our partners means getting to know the different industries and markets in which Zucchetti operates. Whether it is about delivering HR, ERP, POS and Access Control solutions or it is about understanding the specific issues related to a variety of industries where Zucchetti has expertise, among which Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Public Administration and Banking, our partners will be able to expand their business.

Thanks to Zucchetti’s continuous support, partners can acquire a great knowledge of our solutions, being therefore able to assist customers not only with the needed technology but with the required consultancy services, therefore tailoring the offer to the client’s needs.

We know and recognize the valuable and outstanding role our partners play in making Zucchetti’s products available worldwide and this is why we offer them several benefits. 


Zucchetti group has developed “state of the art” software platforms and applications that can help partners formulating market-driven solutions seen as an added value to the existing offer, with outstanding advantages:

  • greater market exposure;
  • new business opportunities;
  • increased revenue.

We want to co-operate and grow together with our partners, in order to gain mutual advantage and expertise. This is why we offer our partners products with specific characteristics that can help them expand their business and meet customer’s needs:

  • all solutions are based on a unique application platform
  • different delivery modes (Saas, Paas, On-premise)
  • multi-language & multi-currency
  • localization in different countries
  • simplicity, flexibility and integration with third parties


By specializing in the supply of specific Zucchetti products, our partners can establish synergies with other partners to provide customers with a complete offer. In order to reach that goal, we help our partners at a 360-degree level, offering innovative solutions, marketing, sales and technical support and business models, market knowledge, execution and delivery, ICT and sales expertise.

Moreover, we support our partners in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to best serve their clients by:

  • dialoguing with them to solve all problems, whether technical or commercial;
  • training them through specific technical and commercial training courses;
  • supporting their activities through diversified marketing initiatives.

 If you want new great business opportunities, become one of Zucchetti's Partners!