Business Performance Management

Beyond business intelligence

InfoBusiness pools all the business intelligence features required to study and evaluate performance in a single environment. It is possible to submit simple queries using advanced formulas and features, and view reports in different formats, such as pivot tables, charts and dynamic dashboards.

A piece of information can be analyzed from different points of view and using different tools, opening up new analysis possibilities and giving data new meaning. Governing information means not only analyzing what is happening or has happened, but also predicting what will happen: with InfoBusiness, "what if" analyses and the definition of" budgets and forecasts" is mere child's play.

Zucchetti's business intelligence tool simplifies even the most complex analyses. It is intuitive and does not require particular IT skills. You can forget about fields, tables, databases and cubes, and let your mind focus on business information!

Thanks to its convenient dashboards and to its drag&drop and smart filter features, you can pool data dynamically into new "views" and discover new hidden worlds. This will give rise to new questions that couldn't have been unforeseen at the start of the analysis, thus promoting further understanding.InfoBusiness allows you to operate dynamically on your company's data, creating fully customized analyses and reports.

InfoBusiness is natively integrated with Zucchetti products through the IB Connector:

  • ERP and business management systems;
  • HR software;
  • Software for the management of professional services firms;

Through this integration, start-up time is measured in hours, and the user is ensured a fast and perfectly functioning system.