Industry and Manufacturing

Industry and manufacturing: the importance of digitization

Italy is the seventh industrial power in the world and the second in Europe. The Italian industrial and manufacturing sector is very dynamic, with peaks of excellence and very high exports.

But to compete in the global world it is not sufficient to see what is happening on the markets, it is necessary to understand what happens inside companies in terms of innovation capacity. Only with innovation can one remain competitive in rapidly changing markets and constantly meet customer needs.

Technology and digitization increasingly play a fundamental role in the process of transformation and innovation of the entire industrial sector.

Zucchetti is your ideal partner for digitizing your company.

Integrated solutions for every management need

Zucchetti supports Italian companies with a new generation of solutions implemented with the latest technologies, available under license and in the cloud, which can significantly improve the efficiency of processes and optimize operations in every business area.

Natively integrated software products developed by Zucchetti are created to respond in the simplest way possible to any industrial management need: administration, sales, accounting, marketing, production and logistics will no longer be a problem.

Thanks to Zucchetti solutions, you will have the possibility to have a single supplier for the global management of your business.

Zucchetti's solutions have been chosen by Toyota, Pirelli, Morellato, Bialetti, Poltrona Frau and other important brands of the Industry & Manufacturing sector.