Manufacturing Control

Keywords: precision and punctuality

The functionalities of Mago4 in the manufacturing area allow you to completely manage the flow of production documents and correctly handle materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Modules and functionalities are conceived from the viewpoint of operating efficiency and organization of production processes.

Mago4 Manufacturing allows you to manage product assembly and the cost control associated with this according to materials, working processes and ancillary costs. You can group together common parts to be produced and determine alternatives of a product to suit production and commercial needs. Work process cycles are structured to satisfy the needs both of small and medium-sized manufacturers; companies can dynamically plan production and amounts to deliver in the short, mid and long-term, also planning resources and making projections on activities. Mobile functions extend WiFi benefits to the manufacturing chain, taking ERP features to a further level.

The main features of Mago4 in the Manufacturing area include the following modules:

Base & Advanced Manufacturing  Manufacturing Mobile  Bill of Materials – Variants – Configurator  Open Orders  Material Requirements Planning (MRP)  Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)