Meritocracy is always rewarded!  

This is the main principle on which, for many years, Zucchetti Group has been basing its commitment in supporting studying paths of talented students thanks to different initiatives.  

In this sense, Zucchetti is donor of Milan’s Luigi Bocconi University, thanks to the scholarships it grants for undergraduate students.

We do our job well…and we do good!

We love carrying out our job well, always looking for the highest quality for our products and services.

We love doing some good paying attention to the needs of the less fortunate ones.

A particular attention that we constantly demonstrate thanks to our ongoing social commitment and to the different initiatives we participate in: from university scholarships to students coming from low-income families to donations to no-profit organizations, hospitals, schools, etc

We say no to any waste of resources.

We produce software to reduce waste of time and money and we create them without wasting resources in vain and paying attention, in particular, to Climate Change issues by adopting behaviours aimed at:

  • Identifying operative solutions to prevent and reduce pollution;
  • Favour energy savings;
  • Fully meeting the legislative requirements related to the environment

Zucchetti tower, the group’s new office in Lodi, represents a concrete proof of our commitment to preserve the environment.

During its realization, in fact, we paid particular attention to energy savings and eco-friendliness, choosing renewable and sustainable energy resources. In this way, Zucchetti tower meets the rigorous technical requirements to obtain the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, the most respected and widespread certificate at an international level for measurement and certification of building sustainability.


The Zucchetti tower was born after the renovation of a building of the ‘70s. We have therefore avoided new buildings and a lot of concrete, respecting the environment and the territory.


The south facade has been completed with photovoltaic panels produced by the company that supplied the solar panels to the Dutch Orbitant Spatial Station with an overall installation’s power of 200kw. Moreover, the tower exploits the geothermic energy: a high efficiency heating pump uses underground water at 13°C to provide the heating and cooling of the building, with zero environmental impact.

Every consumption is carefully monitored thanks to specific Zucchetti’s software to control energy consumption (ZEnergy), air quality (ZAir) and the correct technical and maintenance management of the installations (ZMaintenance). We are therefore able to have a precise diagnosis of our energy consumption, of promptly identifying potential critical situations to immediately activate the necessary measurements to contain the damage and to rationally use our resources. 


An advanced and cutting-edge system allows to re-utilize rain water and minimize water consumption.


The building materials and the furniture all come from local areas (within 300km) in order to limit the pollution caused by transportation.

Moreover, the materials used have been chosen based on sustainability criteria linked to their production, life cycle and easy maintenance and they all have these characteristics: 

  • 50% local materials
  • 75% recyclable materials
  • 80% coating isolation thanks to renewable resourcing
  • 100% certified wood coming from sustainable resources (FSC or PEFC) 


Maximum attention has been paid to the comfort and security of the people who work in the new office and of all the ones who will visit it. The building, in fact, is earthquake-proof, with an advanced fire-fighting system and a cutting-edge bridge system that externally runs around each floor in order to ease potential rescues. The Zucchetti’s advanced videoconferencing system will enable the tower to always be connected with all the other offices in Italy and abroad and will allow people to effectively collaborate without the need to travel, therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

Even before its inauguration, the project for the Zucchetti tower, had already won multiple awards in Italy and on a global level, among which:

  • 2016 "Quality Construction site" 
  • Nomination for "Copernico Award" for the most innovative Italian project of 2016
  • "American Architecture Prize" 2016.
  • Build: "Best Sustainable Italian Re-adaption Design" 2016.
  • Build: "Best Passive Building Project Italy" 2016.
  • "European Property Award" 2015.


We believe in research!

We strongly believe that research is the driver of human and technical development and, for this reason, we employ over 1.000 people in our software’s development and innovation.

Based on this belief, in 2012 the collaboration with Telethon Foundation started, the Italian biomedical charity organization that promotes and finances excellent scientific research to cure rare genetic diseases. We have been collaborating with the Foundation day after day with different initiatives and, starting from today, we are even more committed thanks to the creation of the first automatic Payroll Giving project designed by Zucchetti.

Payroll giving has already been around for many years in Anglosaxon countries and it allows employees to donate directly from its payroll, autonomously choosing the amount to donate each month or every now and then. Zucchetti’s automatic Payroll Giving for Telethon offers to all the employees of Zucchetti’s clients to donate to the Foundation’s mission in an easy, fast and automatic way, thanks to a new functionality embedded in our payroll software.

Zucchetti Payroll Giving: an important support to Telethon Foundation, that offers hope and a possibility of a better future to the many kids affected by rare genetic diseases.