Inventory & Logistics

Rational management of goods in storage

With Mago4 you rationalize stocks, properly valorize the leftover stock, track any entry and verify item exact position, managing product price lists in a flexible way.
Print out the fiscal inventory journal and valorize the inventory according to the widest variety of criteria:  Mago4 manages inventory quantities and values both at fiscal and at a single storage level. For Countries that require it, you can generate account records as from inventory entries, assigning the value of the goods to the financial statement in real-time.  
Mago4 constructs codes and descriptions of items, codes Units of Measure, manages prices, discounts, lots and serial numbers, reconciles the archives, loads and unloads goods with just a scan.

The main features of Mago4 in the Inventory and Logistics area include the following modules:

Inventory – Lots and Serials  Barcode Manager