A pure cloud-based ERP software

MagoCloud is a new generation ERP software designed for a cloud scenario, with a focus on security, distribution and the ability to operate in a public or private cloud.
Founded on innovative technology and designed to lead companies in the world of Industry 4.0, MagoCloud is built to make the most of the potential of your business and convert new technologies into opportunities. It’s a smart and lightweight ERP solution designed to follow the growth of your business.
MagoCloud ERP covers the needs of over 60 product sectors and is ready to meet the needs of enterprises, operating in highly digital contexts with a technologically innovative approach.

MagoCloud is:
Flexible: advanced technology, cloud logic
Always up to date: continuous investments in R&D
Agile: Ready to go-live
User friendly: modern and easy interface
Complete: Integrated with other solutions and open to third party software
International: Multi-language and various localizations integrated
The product portfolio of MagoCloud includes a wide range of valuable features combined in 6 “packages” called Industries.
MagoCloud is also available à la carte, you can fully customize your ERP by choosing the functionalities that better satisfy your company's needs.
In both instances (Industries and MagoCloud à la carte) MagoCloud is provided in 4 Editions: Standard, Premium, Professional and Enterprise.
Each Edition includes specific features to respond to different levels of business complexity.
This allows each company to identify the level of resources needed and the appropriate costs for their real needs.
Discover more about the Editions on MagoCloud website:
- MagoCloud Industries and related Editions 
- MagoCloud à la carte and related Editions 

Buying MagoCloud is quick and easy: connect to the marketplace and in three simple steps you can start using your ERP:

1) Identify the Industry that best suits your business or configure your ERP solution à la Carte
2) Select the perfect edition for your company and choose the available features
3) Complete your choice with any optional additional services

MagoCloud is the ideal backend for managing the entire sales cycle in your shop or chain stores.
The point of sale (POS) is perfectly integrated with MagoCloud ERP, so you can manage sales operations issued by cash terminals and all payment methods such as cash, debit and credit cards, customer cards, etc.
The POS provides customer-centric functionalities in marketing, sales and services that can be managed directly by MagoCloud as a backend. You can easily keep an eye on sales processes, orders, purchasing and logistics. As soon as your employees use the POS to record payment, these transactions are immediately transmitted to Mago, which processes the goods handling and updates the stock availability. 

Reduce operational complexity and focus on your customers!

  • Central data management
  • Real-time exchange of information between POS and ERP
  • Flexible, integrated and verified processes
  • Optimisation of stocks and supplies
  • Constant updates and new features, released several times a year

We are developing our solutions with your business in mind. Learn more about the integration and discover the specific functionalities designed for Fashion, Food and Retail sectors

Do you need an e-Commerce website fully integrated with your ERP?
The solution is Mago e-Commerce. The Java platform is suitable for modularity and flexibility to B2C and B2B business models and adaptable to the needs of different market sectors (fashion, services, food...).
The integration between the e-Commerce and MagoCloud ERP allows you to:

  • manage items, stock, orders... centrally and in real-time
  • make your customers' shopping experience even more personalized

Save time and costs!
Total Cost of Ownership is drastically reduced by moving from on-premise to cloud solution: no licensing, maintenance or security fees, no installation, no hardware investment.

Work anywhere and at any time
Process management moves with you: you just need an internet connection. Control, monitor and work anywhere, anytime.

Your data is always protected
MagoCloud uses a multi-layered security system to protect the integrity of your data.
The backup system ensures the best possible information security.
The result? Data security is greater in the Cloud than on company servers.

Integrated DMS (Digital Management System)
Build a digital archive for your documents with MagoCloud! You can store in Cloud: quotes, invoices, orders, accounting and tax documents, and reports… in different formats (word, pdf, excel, jpg, etc.) and attach them to MagoCloud documents. Files can be uploaded from your computer or generated in MagoCloud, in both cases you can store them in the DMS, where they remain available and searchable. Do you need to share a specific document with your team? The search through filters will save you time.

MagoCloud development tools
The ability to adapt to different business needs is one of the key features of MagoCloud, which is further enhanced by the development tools: My Mago Studio, TaskBuilder Cloud, Reporting Studio Designer, and MagoAPI. These solutions have been developed specifically for the Cloud and allow you to make customizations and develop vertical solutions, integrated with MagoCloud.

Scheduler, Auditing and Security
MagoCloud is more than an ERP Solution, you have at your disposal a suite of features that extend the ERP infrastructure. Scheduler allows you to schedule batch procedures in MagoCloud; Auditing gives you a track of the activities of Mago users (opening, saving and closing documents; running batches and reports) using Grafana; Security manages employees’ permissions to access and edit objects (documents, reports... everything on the menu).

Are You ready to use Mobile Apps integrated with your ERP?
Today, Enterprise Resource Planning is a dynamic, multi-faceted, and expansive process.
Keeping up with operations, financial transactions, supply and demand is crucial to accurate production planning and sales success. Providing a real-time, on-demand overview of all enterprise data is a key value-add of modern systems – and, as businesses and people have become more mobile, so have MagoCloud. We have completed our ERP Cloud solution with the development of 3 mobile Apps, specialized in Store management, Warehouse optimization and advanced Data analysis. The Apps enhance the potential of MagoCloud, letting you manage data and processes anytime and anywhere.


The achievement of your business goals it’s easy with MagoCloud. The product portfolio of MagoCloud includes not only basic ERP software functions, but also a wide range of valuable solutions, from retail to project management.
Discover all the Industries, developed by experts who know what challenges your business faces every day, and choose yours!

MagoCloud has an impact on all critical parts of the business to help improve revenues, keep expenses under control, improve the decision-making process and transform data into useful information. MagoCloud is, moreover, designed to satisfy growing demands for regulatory compliance and manage all your global operations and multi-branch locations easily and efficiently.
Features: Financials Accounting | Sales & Purchases 

MagoCloud is designed to improve processes at all stages in the production cycle, from manufacturing to delivery, rationalizing operations and reducing their costs. The entire productive organization thus stands to obtain enormous benefits, simplifying processes to the utmost. To meet the needs of small production, Assembly & Materials Industry supports small manufacturing companies with features: Financials Accounting | Sales & Purchases | Warehouse & Logistics | Production 

MagoCloud is a complete, flexible solution, designed for the management of the Food and Beverage industries. The focus is on the evolution of the strategy from channel to market, as well as the satisfaction of the requirements of the regulation, which are constantly evolving. MagoCloud also permits the management of all processes involved in the activity of hospitality and hotel structures, in line with the typical operational, management and tax aspects.
Features: Financials Accounting | Sales & Purchases | Warehouse & Logistics | Store Management 

MagoCloud allows complete management of Manufacturing document flows and full planning of the Production area with proper materials, semi-product and finished product handling. All this is thanks to flexible processes that optimize the complex management of design and monitoring of manufacturing processes.
Features: Financials Accounting | Sales & Purchases | Warehouse & Logistics | Production 

MagoCloud for the Retail & Fashion industry comprehensively covers the needs of both single stores and chains; it was designed to allow a centralized view of the activity thanks to the optimized management of orders, inventory and shipments. The processes are optimized with the digitization of flows and activities to provide savings in terms of time and management, thanks also to the seamless management of special needs such as size and color variations and the connection to the cash point systems.
Features: Financials Accounting | Sales & Purchases | Warehouse & Logistics | Store Management | Mago e-Commerce 

MagoCloud provides tools to optimize the business processes of companies dealing with wholesale distribution. The ERP supports the management of sales orders, prices, shipments, sourcing, and billing.
The availability of accurate, real-time information ensures promptly identifying and properly addressing situations that require attention. The main goal is the optimization and complete management of the Supply Chain and Warehouse logistics, the functions of the Financials area are also covered.
Features: Financials Accounting | Sales & Purchases | Warehouse & Logistics | Production | Mago e-Commerce 

If the Industries are not enough for your company you can choose MagoCloud à la carte, your Cloud ERP that can be fully customized according to your real business needs.
Choose your edition and select the functionalities you need, starting from the available functional areas: Financials Accounting | Sales & Purchases | Warehouse & Logistics | Production | Mago e-Commerce