Complete Dematerialization of Document Flow

A prerequisite for the operation of Infinity DMS is the Infinity Application Framework (IAF), which is the heart and soul of the Infinity Zucchetti Suite that implements two innovative concepts in the field of business management, with consequent impact also on document management: the Virtual Workspace and Paperless Office.

The Virtual Workspace is a space where all members of an organisation (employees, agents, customers and suppliers) can access in a customised manner the data and services they need to perform their duties, whereas the Paperless Office is an approach designed to eliminate or reduce paper files and documents, encouraging the electronic exchange of documents both inside and outside the company.

Based on these organisational paradigms, users have a virtual workspace that they can each access through their electronic desk (MyDesk), where it is possible to access data in a customised manner, perform transactions and collaborate with other users of the corporate “ecosystem.” Agenda, Mail, Address Book and Business Process Management complete the functions of MyDesk.

Data is acquired through a special function for protocoling incoming/outgoing documents that, in addition to assigning a progressive number, allows "sending" the document directly to the electronic desk (MyDesk) of one or more users. The Protocol function not only generates the protocol register, but also enables fast and easy distribution of incoming/outgoing documents, thus drastically reducing sharing and collaboration times. The function also allows indicating the protocol details (number, date, register...) on the electric document, so that any document reprints or views are integrated with this information.

Infinity DMS is integrated with Zucchetti management software (Ad Hoc Infinity, Ad Hoc Enterprise, Ad Hoc Revolution, Gestionale 2, Gestionale 1, for archiving and managing all the administrative documents of the active and passive cycle, logistics and production.

Infinity DMS can be also integrated with third-party software, guaranteeing information uniformity and availability regardless of the applications that generated it.