HR Management Apps

APPlies the advantages of mobile to Personnel Management!

Open up to a new world of mobile App to manage your company’s staff. Developed to answer the needs of companies that want to make personnel management more innovative and shared, Zucchetti Apps simplify specific HR, Workforce Management and Travel & Fleet Management processes:

  • ZConnect: pubblication of documents for employees (payslips, attendance sheets, communications) and filling out and sending of expense sheets;
  • ZClockIn: geolocated clocking in;
  • ZTimeline Workflow: to justify absences and overtime;
  • ZScheduling: publication and management of shift schedules;
  • ZScheduling Planner: management of shifts & activities by the supervisor:
  • ZTimesheet: filling out and sending timesheets of the hours worked by staff;
  • ZTeamwork: for supervisors monitoring employees' working hours;
  • ZCarfleet: to book, assign and manage the company's vehicle in pool;
  • ZAudit: to carry out inspections, quality checks and controls in any situation

APProach and involve your staff in a new way

Workers without fixed computer workstations, traveling staff, shift workers, sales representatives or on site operators: it’s not always easy to reach all your employees and make them feel involved in the company.

Thanks to the Zucchetti mobile App for Personnel Management, it is now possible, in a perfectly simple way.
Available 24 hours a day on smartphones and on tablets, the Zucchetti Personnel Management mobile Apps allow employees to take more part in company life, informing them of everything that happens in the company, providing useful information for their work and making their own work simpler through new services.
To have the company always close by.

APPreciate the power of integration with Personnel Management software

The Zucchetti Personnel Management Apps offer new, useful functions that make company process more efficient.

This thanks to integration with the Zucchetti Personnel Management application software: each application therefore communicates with the software to be able to manage single activities at all times and from anywhere, synchronizing data, saving time and increasing process automation. 

However, the Zucchetti Personnel Management Apps are not just simple extensions of the software: in fact, each App has been developed to guarantee the best user experience for the employee and to offer specific functions for use from a mobile device.