Clothing Management

Reduce Waiting Times at the Counter!

Galaxy Phoenix is a system developed with the most advanced technologies for the automated management of personal clothing and bags. It can be used by employees, for example in hotels, hospitals or manufacturing companies, by customers in sports centers and spas, by spectators and visitors in convention centers, theaters, museums, cinemas, discos etc..

In companies, hotels, and casinos,Galaxy Phoenix is useful because it eliminates the classic static lockers and uses a system of conveyor belts to which are hung special canvas bags reinforced with a central zip, which can also be fitted with a padlock. The operations that can be executed by employees are managed via automatic pick-up doors, in particular:

  • Withdrawal of the locker bag and clean uniforms
  • Pick-up of the locker bag with the employee’s personal garments.

Employees are recognized by: barcode tags, magnetic cards, keyboard, fingerprint identification and retina scans