Data Analysis

Find the Answers you need!

Unlike traditional business intelligence solutions, with InfoBusiness, queries, analyses, dashboards and reports coexist within a single instrument. You don't need to switch between applications and reason about the same information in different ways!

InfoBusiness can read and integrate information from any structured source: ERP, CRM, and any other application based on databases, Excel files and flat files. With the powersimplicity and effectiveness of InfoBusiness, you'll be able to give your corporate information its true value. You can benefit from a single, comprehensive and reliable tool that prevents the loss of information or know-how and always provides reliable, certified data.

You can submit complex queries without fear of compromising data, and with the certainty of receiving reliable, updated results. InfoBusiness helps to meet your business objectives, to achieve success and effective information governance! 
InfoBusiness makes a leap forward in the potential for analysis, with the introduction of dashboards, or summary tools, that create fully browsable multi-area and multi-object displays.

InfoBusiness is natively integrated with Zucchetti products through the IB Connector:

  • ERP and business management systems;
  • HR software;
  • Software for the management of professional services firms;

Through this integration, start-up time is measured in hours, and the user is ensured a fast and perfectly functioning system.