Time & Attendance Terminals

Automate Your Data Collection and Simplify Instant and Periodic Reports

Our Time and Attendance terminals address all the requirements of modern Labor Management applications. We offer devices which feature simple configuration and quick integration; as well as more advanced devices that offer multimedia capability and which are writable or programmable with most up-to-date programming languages.

Our terminals range from having a small graphical display and a keypad, like the X1 & X2, to being equipped with advanced color touch-screens like the SuperTRAX family. And with Superglass7, Zucchetti offers a last generation time and attendance terminal, that combines advanced features and design.

All our terminals can be equipped with all current automatic identification technologies: RFID at 125KHz and 13.56Mhz, Fingerprint biometrics, as well as barcode and magstripe cards, of course.
Several RFID card reader technologies can be integrated with our terminals, such as hi-level ones like Legic and HID iClass. In the standard ISO14443/ISO15693 or mifare ones we can also support R&W applications. NFC with Smartphones is also available.

Top of the line terminals can be equipped with even more than three ID technologies, allowing to connect any USB HID reader compliant (Human Interface Device) appliance.