Software for the management of Human Resources and Personnel: selection, training, evaluation

A company's competitive advantage lies in its people. 
It is therefore important to select the best talent, know and motivate personnel and to have full control over HR data to achieve the best results.

That's why Zucchetti offers you HCM and Human Resources software, able to support you in every moment of the Employee Journey, in every personnel management process and to respond, thanks to the modularity of the offer, to the needs of SMEs, large companies and multinationals:

  • Selection and Talent Acquisition software
  • Training software to manage budgets and courses
  • E-learning and Gamification software
  • Compensation and Assessment (remuneration policies, incentives, salary reviews, performance, positions, potential, careers and successions) and employee Feedback collection software
  • Dossier for the collection and analysis of personal, salary, contractual and training data of each person

In support of HCM and HR management software, there are also all the advantages of the Zucchetti HR platform that allows you to integrate all HR management processes and put people at the center:

  • unique and integrated master data: personal and contractual data, CV, skills, salaries, absence and overtime data, increases and bonuses...all the information about the employee in a single point and updated in real time in a master data file with unparalleled field depth;
  • HR portal: a single, profiled point of access for the HR department, active 24/7 and to communicate with personnel (communications, notices, self-service services), also via mobile app;
  • organization chart: visual and with workflow rationale to define company organizational units and hierarchical and functional reporting, manage user profiles in the platform and set approval and notification flows in the different HR management processes;
  • document management: drafting, digital signature, document sharing between departments and archiving;
  • analysis of personnel data with default Analytics, Business Intelligence functions and integration with Microsoft Power BI.