Transport and Logistics

Digitize to be more efficient

The transport and logistics sector is one of the crucial sectors of our economy. The economic uncertainties of recent years also impose a profound transformation on this sector, with a quest for greater productivity, cost reduction and shorter delivery times.

To achieve these goals of greater efficiency, digitization plays a fundamental role.

Zucchetti stands alongside all companies operating in the transport and logistics sector, with IT solutions able to satisfy all their innovation and competitiveness needs.

Innovation comes through software

Zucchetti offers companies in the transport and logistics sector reliable and technologically advanced solutions to solve every problem, starting from innovative management and ERP software, up to the complete suite for personnel administrative and organizational management.

But also solutions to control transport vehicles, manage information better and improve relations with customers and consumers: satellite location, business intelligence, CRM, social media and digital marketing

A complete offer, a single partner

The Zucchetti offer is the most complete on the market, with licensed or cloud solutions that meet the most demanding customer requirements. And with Mobile Apps for smart, innovative and shared management through smartphones and tablets.

With Zucchetti, you have everything you need and a single point of contact for the global management of your business.

Zucchetti's solutions have been chosen by Port Mobility and other important brands of the Transport & Logistics sector.