Software solutions for Franchising, an ever-growing business

Companies operating in the Franchising sector have special management needs that differentiate them from any other company.

Zucchetti responds to these particularities with perfectly integrated vertical software that greatly simplifies all the main from management to personnel processes, from occupational safety to document management, etc.

Thanks to Zucchetti software for franchisors and franchisees, you can monitor store and individual operator performance in real time, check the cash tills of all your stores from a single system and manage every business area in a simple and efficient manner.

Solutions for the success of franchisor and franchisee alike

Managing a franchise
means managing a network of companies and a degree of complexity significantly greater than that of a single company.

Zucchetti meets this need with an approach recognized and appreciated by the market as demonstrated by the choice of numerous franchise brands that have chosen Zucchetti solutions.

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Zucchetti's solutions have been chosen by L'Erbolario, Denner, Corneliani and other important brands of the Franchising sector.