Asset Management

Asset Management: energy efficiency, environmental quality, maintenance control

More and more companies, bodies and organizations are subjected to stresses and challenges in the energy and environmental field. On the one hand, there is an increasing need, also coming from international regulations and agreements, to reduce energy consumption and save on costs; on the other hand, measures are increasingly required to guarantee health and comfort in environments where people live and work.

The key words are efficiency and control. That is exactly what the Zucchetti asset management solutions can guarantee you:

  • ZEnergy,to provide efficiency and cost-saving on electricity, heating, water and gas bills;
  • ZAir, to monitor environmental parameters and to guarantee the correct conditions in the work environment;
  • ZMaintenance, to plan and manage technical and maintenance activities for buildings, plants and machinery;
  • ZAsset Booker, for the reservation of desks, classrooms, meeting rooms and company assets in general

Complete solutions for managing your assets

Production and service companies, construction, retail and mass distribution companies, healthcare, schools and public services, service companies: any organization that may need to manage its own building, machinery and plants can count on the wide, integrated range of Zucchetti solutions for asset and facility management.

Infinity, the integrated ecosystem for asset management

Zucchetti software for asset management share the same application platform: they are solutions made using a single development and web native language, that are integrated with each other to aid collaboration, information distribution and the realization of sophisticated projects.

Integrated with other Infinity application areas, such as Workforce management and Safety & Security, they allow for full management of technical and maintenance staff and health and safety in the workplace.