Asset management and Booking

ZAsset Booker, the solution for managing and booking company resources

A new way of managing company assets that responds to the need for more dynamic and flexible organizational and technological models.

Introducing ZAsset Booker, the solution that supports companies in organizing and sharing assets, spaces, and services by simplifying the processes of booking, assignment, and monitoring. With ZAsset Booker, users can book any company resource related to the user journey, including:

  • Parking (booking parking spots, electric charging stations, bicycles, scooters, etc.)
  • Smart office and coworking (booking desks, meeting rooms, classrooms, smart lockers, support equipment, company devices, etc.)
  • Leisure time through the use of company wellness services (booking gym classes, training sessions, or the company's welfare program, etc.)
  • Event organization (conference rooms, auditoriums) with the booking of additional services (catering, support equipment, etc.)
  • Refreshment area and food and beverage services (access or seating in the company restaurant, meal pickup from smart lockers, catering service, etc.)

A new alliance between facility managers, HR, and IT managers is provided with all the necessary tools to:

  • Apply space strategy and evolve it over time, thanks to functionalities specifically designed to achieve strategic business and organizational goals (financial and environmental).
  • Embrace the principles of smart working and hybrid work, a cultural change aimed at providing each worker with a more functional, collaborative, and productive environment.
  • Focus on user experience, with technology being the enabling factor that supports organizations in redesigning processes, tools, and behaviors for flexible, agile, and more inclusive work environments.

ZAsset Booker is a complete solution with an intuitive graphical interface, a flexible application structure, and diversified menus, views, and prints for both employees and visitors. But the benefits don't stop there:

  • Query and analysis: The software provides reports and indicators to monitor performance and facilitate faster decision-making processes.
  • Web and mobile: The solution is completely web-based but also available on mobile devices through apps that allow for bookings and check-in/check-out.
  • Integrations: The solution integrates seamlessly with Zucchetti HR software, access control systems, and Asset Management.
  • Smart Working: The solution is ideal for co-working environments and companies managing personnel and assets in a smart working framework.
  • Security: ZAsset Booker allows for real-time verification of on-site presence throughout the day.

The Smart Office with ZAsset Booker

With ZAsset Booker, you can transform an office into a full-fledged Smart Office, a workspace where software and hardware are combined to make work easier and more efficient, and where data is used to effectively manage the work environment.

Book your meeting space with ease
ZAsset Booker is integrated with Room Display, a touch screen device installed at the entrance of meeting rooms and classrooms, enabling optimized and interactive management. Through Room Display, users can check the availability of the room/classroom, book it via QR code or instant booking feature, view its features, and see the daily agenda for scheduled meetings.

Check-in or instant booking directly from your workstation
With ZAsset Booker, you can check-in or instantly book workstations using your smartphone by scanning the QR code, tapping the NFC tag, or using BLE antennas. Alternatively, you can use the Desk Panel, a device installed on each workstation that uses LED indicators to quickly show if the workstation is available, waiting for check-in, or occupied.

Book Smart Lockers from your smartphone
Convenient, modular, and bookable through both the app and software, Smart Lockers are intelligent lockers integrated natively with ZAsset Booker, designed to meet various needs:

  • Personal item storage
  • Package pick-up and drop-off
  • Key, helmet, and PPE distribution
  • Device charging
  • Refrigeration/freezing

And it doesn't end there!

ZAsset Booker is also integrated with the following Zucchetti software:

Zucchetti Access Control and Safety solutions:
Employees access the building and company areas based on their bookings, ensuring greater security for people and assets. Additionally, once employees access through turnstiles by badge or time-stamping their attendance, automatic check-in for the booked asset can be initiated.

Zucchetti HR solutions for personnel management:
With a unified database, any event related to an employee (absences, business trips, courses, etc.) automatically modifies the status of each booking.

Zucchetti Asset Management solutions:
Facility managers have a complete suite for building and space management, including space reservation, air quality control, energy management, and maintenance of facilities, machinery, and equipment.

The new way of experiencing the work environment, driven by health and safety needs, requires a new habit: abandoning fixed workstations and sharing workspaces and company resources.

In this context, the ZAsset Booker App was developed as a mobile extension of the ZAsset Booker solution. The app allows employees to independently book various company resources, enabling a secure, dynamic, and collaborative work environment.

Download it on your smartphone to:

• Manage reservations for meeting rooms, workstations, parking spaces, and other company resources.

• Book services and support tools (projectors, whiteboards, catering, and other useful services).

• Confirm the occupancy of the booked resource through check-in and check-out.

With the app, users can easily book spaces and company resources for their workday in three steps (Search – Select – Cart), or directly from their favorites list. They can confirm the usage through check-in/out (via the app, badge, scanning a QR code or NFC tag, or automatically using IoT sensors).


New voice assistant feature in the ZAsset Booker app to securely, dynamically, and collaboratively book desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and company resources.

All reservations, both current and future, are summarized in the app's dashboard. For each booked resource, you can access descriptive information and view its location on the company floor plan.

How does it work?

Define different types of assets, services, and workspaces within the company, assign them to specific groups of users authorized for booking, and allocate them based on the type of activity.

From anywhere, whether on a desktop or a mobile app, you can input and manage bookings as both an end user in self-service mode and as a supervisor overseeing a specific process. Bookings are confirmed through dedicated check-in and check-out functions.

Key performance indicators, charts, pivot tables, and filterable geographic maps allow for in-depth analysis at various levels, including:

  • Availability and allowed capacities (available resources).
  • Occupancy and saturation levels of spaces (bookings).
  • Actual utilization levels of spaces (confirmed through check-in and check-out).
  • Incidence of no-shows (failed check-in and check-out for bookings).
  • Cancellation rates; analysis of peak usage levels and actual usage.
  • Identification of inefficiencies and underutilized or unused resources.
  • Trends in occupancy and usage by day of the week, comparisons between weeks, months, etc.