The Software Solution to monitor consumption and environmental parameters in Industrial Plants and Buildings

Today, more than ever, energy efficiency is of great importance and is related to a good resources management, therefore no matter how much you spend on technological equipments, if the energy resources are not managed efficiently, wasting is close-at-hand. For this reason, it is essential to have a global control of energy resources. 

Zucchetti produces technological systems for the intelligent management of energy flows, in order to undertake all the actions aimed to strongly reduce consumption and costs. The ZEnergy system provides an innovative service for energy efficiency measurement, accounting and monitoring of the environmental quality within the buildings, according to the parameters imposed by sustainable construction principles.

ZEnergy allows measurement and accounting of energy consumption of:

  • heating systems;
  • air-conditioning systems;
  • electrical installations;
  • lighting systems;
  • photovoltaic installations;
  • cogeneration installations.

The hardware system is composed of the following elements:

  • Field data detection sensors (network analysers, electricity meters, flow and heat gradient meters, indoor and outdoor detection sensors of ambient parameters such as temperature, humidity, luminosity, air quality, etc.)
  • Electronic data capture system able to interface with all detection sensors specifically installed and preset also for the connection to other devices, already available on-site (e.g. gas, water, light meters, devices for Building Automation, etc.).

The software system is the application dedicated to Building Energy Management. The application is fitted with standard functions, such as data acquisition, storage, aggregation, control, analysis and many more.