HR Management Analytics

Data, data, data...

Each HR department and managers have a lot of data available on personnel.

But when do they find time to analyze them?
And data alone is not enough: without organized analyses, processes and trends cannot be identified and corporate phenomena cannot be understood.

And when they ask for an absenteeism graph at the last minute?
Being able to immediately present data without having to build a report from scratch each time makes a difference.

Time savings, immediate graphs to let the data speak for themselves and facilitate reading, default analyses that can be updated with a click.
All this is Zucchetti Human Resource Analytics. 

Turn business data into strategic knowledge

Zucchetti Analytics simplifies Business Intelligence for the analysis of personnel data.
. In a few clicks and without the need for technical skills, the Zucchetti Human Resource software data is processed and presented according to the user's specific needs with the following analyses:

  • multidimensional which aggregate different sources and indicators for a 360° view of even complex phenomena;
  • profiled according to the decisional levels (HR, Top Management, area managers, etc.) with specific views based on the different analysis needs;;
  • distribuited to share strategic information within the company.

This makes it easy to monitor performance, identify areas for improvement and make the right decisions.

Analytics and Analytics on Demand: the answer to every question

What is the Corporate Turnover Rate? What are the reasons for abandonment?
What is the cost of holidays? And compared to the previous period?

Each question is answered with Zucchetti Analytics. And so every need.

If you want quick answers on specific business objectives you can use the default Analytics on Demand analyses: just download them from the dedicated store in the HR portal and, using the Zucchetti software data in use, they will give you all the answers in a few clicks.
And you can also try Analytics on Demand even in demo mode!

With Analytics, experts are autonomous in the construction of their own analyses because the software is suitable for interactive and dynamic analysis to always be the best support for every decision.