Enhance Your most important asset: Your Customers!

InfiniteCRM is the solution designed to enable companies to achieve high levels of management in all business marketing, customer care and call centers processes, integrating within a single customer database all the corporate information assets in order to monitor and make the information more accessible. 

It is the ideal instrument to manage the various phases of the sales process, from lead generation, to customer acquisition and post-sale, available not only in multilingual versions, but even for a simultaneous use of the information in different languages. The application appears as a true portal, accessible via a web interface, complementing the capabilities in terms of usability and potential.

InfiniteCRM is easy to install and implement,and is also fully integrated with other IT platforms (ERP and management software) and compatible with all types of corporate infrastructure. Moreover, InfiniteCRM allows users and operators to choose the most effective channel and marketing departments to plan outbound campaigns on, enabling different types of online communication: chat, telephone, email, sms, fax, mobile apps and social networks. 

Effective time management as CRM prompts users to follow up on activities and automates alerts when important events occur, or if actions are missed.

Process automation replaces repetitive manual tasks by cutting admin work and eliminating duplicated task, in this way teams can focus on more profitable activity.

Connected business processes by managing all key workflows in a single application, including different processes like: documents, proposals and activities, also available from mobile devices

Better internal communication. Shared documentation, information and data give everyone clear visibility of individual activities and customer information.

Optimize marketing providing effective targeted marketing communications aimed specifically at customer needs. 

Improves the governance: gives data about sales, service quality and also allows to identify quickly which of your customers are profitable and which are not and many other business information

Sales Force Automation (SFA) provides immediate handling of account management, activities, ToDo lists, offers and commercial documentation including all the best instruments to facilitate and automate the company marketing office activities.

The Marketing LOB Provides all the best instruments to facilitate and automate the company marketing office activities.

This Call Center LOB guarantees perfect synchronization between telephone and data management, allowing the company to maximize contacts and achieve an extremely high level of efficiency during outbound and inbound campaigns.

The Customer Care LOB offers creation and management of assistance requests (tickets) arriving from diverse channels, including email, telephone, Internet.

This module renders the information stored by InfiniteCRM available on the Microsoft Outlook™ platform, also for use in offline mode, enabling synchronization of appointments, contacts and email.

This guarantees an advanced analysis of all the information recorded in iCRM, with the option of setting up navigation functions between different data sets. It manages the automatic dispatch of information to subscribed service users.


This ensures integration with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) platforms in order to increase the efficiency of the contact center service.

This insures integration with TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) platforms.

Configuration of export models and exportation into Excel of templates, all conducted by the user.

BDA (Business Data Analyzer)
An application instrument integrated with the information recorded in iCRM, providing interactive analysis and management of the stored data with the assistance of geographic maps. Ideal for marketing, sales and customer service managers, it provides valuable support for improved organization of activities in the field. The instrument is provided in standard format including up-to-date maps.

A vaeriety of add-ons are also available: BrainBusiness, Plus & Biplus, BrainInteractive and Engagent.



Discover all of InfinteCRM plus: 

  • WEB: a multilingual portal (iWeb) dedicated to self-service support
  • CHAT: real-time support and proactive dialogue thanks to the native integration with Engagent platform which provides self-service support
  • E-MAIL: e-mail channel dialogue integrated with CRM console, with automated email sorting and replies in self-service mode
  • MOBILE: thanks to iWeb HTML5 interface, Web and chat support are also available on mobile devices for customer care or marketing and sales notifications
  • VOICE: the voice channel offers telephone support integrated with the corporate CTI, automatically triggering the services associated with the caller's number and self-generation of inbound and outbound events
  • SMS: ideal for reminders, notifications or outbound marketing activities. It can also be integrated with BrainInteractive’s NLP Engine for automated dialogue with users.