Define, optimize, monitor & integrate your company processes rendering business activities more efficient

HelpdeskAdvanced10 rules the processes that are interconnected in different areas of the business as IT, Governance, Customer Service thanks to the flexibility, coordination, orchestration and automation of the governance and Service Management processes. Define, optimize, monitor and integrate your company processes in order to establish a methodology that renders company business activities more efficient and effective: not an easy objective to achieve. The procedure for automating, checking and improving the efficiency of processes within a company is defined as Business Process Management and serves for the effective management of resources, tasks and company processes, reducing the hold-ups and errors that hinder internal and external procedures.

Proactive User Experience
HelpdeskAdvanced 10 changes the User Experience to meet proactively the mobile, social and collaborative needs. The services and the information are always available thanks to the innovative interface that is cross-channel and cross-browser.

Cloud and On Premise
HelpdeskAdvanced 10 is available both On Premise and in Cloud. This means that companies can choose their preferred version based on their own infrastructure, their internal organization and according to the governance measures they wish to implement.

Ready to Play
With just few clicks the features of HelpdeskAdvanced 10 are ready to be used, thanks to the “out-of-the-box” processes quickly implementable and to the “process driven” approach.

ITIL v3 compliant
As a business-driven solution, HelpdeskAdvanced 10’s IT Service Management helps companies in the alignment of IT and business resources, managing ITSM’s LifeCycle and allowing the IT department to provide reliable services and solutions to meet business needs.

You can perform remote control sessions directly from any mobile device: this allows to increase the operators’ productivity, to check the progress of the services, to view quickly and simply the activities.

IT and Business processes automation and orchestration
Thanks to BrainBusiness, HelpdeskAdvanced 10’s “engine” capable of automating services governance processes, IT and Business can respond quickly and with maximum efficiency to critical situations that might cause a disruption of services or strategic corporate processes.

Easy to Configure
The new technological infrastructure on which the application core is based allows a high-level of customization and functionality, as well as interfacing configurations and features designed to specific requirements.

Cross-channel and Cross-browser
The solution allows to access always, everywhere and without compatibility limits to data and information. It’s also possible to interact using the channel you prefer. HelpdeskAdvanced 10 follows your business needs.

Helpdeskadvanced10 can be easily and rapidly integrated with third party systems and solutions and has already several hardware and software integrations with technological solutions widely used on the market. In addition, thanks to BrainBusiness, it also has an integration layer for dialoguing easily and bidirectionally with software, internal and external services and pre-existing third-party or corporate databases.

Native integration with third party software: HelpDeskAdvanced10 can easily integrate with third party solutions and systems. It is possible to exchange data to/from external applications in these ways: 

  • Web Services: HelpdeskAdvanced 10 supports Web Services SOAP, that allows to access to the entities managed by the system in read only mode and in write mode;
  • BrainBusiness: using the potentialities of Brain Business it’s possible to integrate HelpdeskAdvanced 10 with third party solutions using Web Services SOAP or REST in the most common processes (approval processes, objects editing, customized processes);
  • Customized extensions: when it’s required to show information stored in external systems HelpdeskAdvanced 10 allows to develop “extensions” that allows to customize information arrivi



HelpdeskAdvanced10 not only manages the Service using a single channel of communication. Some modules of HDA enable the service management to be multichannel and shift in various channel modes. Each channel distribution represents a mode of preferential access for each user with the guarantee to be constantly synchronized and updated on the activities and progress of the service.

 The cross channel communication layer of HelpdeskAdvanced10 is able to use these channels:

  • Web Portal: a multilingual portal (Customer Portal) dedicated to the ITSM with several self-service mode;
  • Chat: support provided in real-time thanks to the native integration with ENGAGENT.
  • E-mail: enhanced Support via email with multi-domain management, automatic sorting, automation, and answers in a self-service mode.
  • Mobile App: to provide assistance also via Tablet and Smartphone.
  • Voice: a module could provide telephone assistance with an integration to the CTI.
  • SMS: a channel distribution (software/hardware) ideal to inform and notify customers, employee or partners on the progress of a request.


BrainBusiness, the “engine” driving Helpdeskadvanced10, is the instrument of Business Process Management capable of designing, organizing and automating ITSM key processes with obvious benefits in terms of performance, cost reduction and flexibility with respect to the changing needs of IT and of the business.
Brainbusiness allows to design, organize, monitor and automate the processes involved in the provision of IT services, reducing the human resources’ workload, optimizing their productivity and increasing control over their activities.

Immediate and extendable
With immediate installation and integration with other IT systems, BrainBusiness was developed natively for the HelpdeskAdvanced and InfiniteCRM applications, ensuring maximum compatibility and integration with all the solutions provided by PAT. Using Webservices (SOAP/WSDL) and connectors created ad hoc, BrainBusiness also integrates with other applications used in your IT processes. There is no limit to its extendibility.

Accessible and Multichannel
BrainBusiness provides tools for the creation of interfaces to access processes by third parties, also on mobile devices.
BrainBusiness enables the creation of forms to interface the information flow from outside, making use of the latest generation mobile devices and tablet PCs.

Easy editing
Thanks to the Studio Editor, BrainBusiness offers process editing