Time & Attendance

A complete system for a simple, flexible management of all Human Resources Data

Time and Attendance is accessible from any place through any type of Internet/Intranet connection and best manages data collection in companies/entities with decentralized functions with more headquarters, branches, stores and working sites. 
The solution allows branches to manage Time and Attendance via web in complete autonomy, without having to install the software at their premises.

Time and Attendance is:

  • very flexible because it is easily adaptable to the Customer's organizational choices
  • user friendly because of its intuitive structure
  • intelligent because it guides the operator to find the best way to manage problems

The solution has a modular structure, composed of a Time and Attendance basic module and of different complementary modules among which: Time and Attendance Sheet, Weekly and Monthly Planning, Worked Hours by building site and job order, Compensation Management, Canteen Reservation and Consumption, Data Extractor, Web Report and Multilingual Management.

Zucchetti T&A is available either in license (it can be installed at the customer's premises or in Zucchetti Data Center), or as Software as a Service.

Personal data
Time and Attendance has a personal data archive integrated with all Zucchetti HR procedures, updated in real time. The maintenance can be performed both from the main office and from the peripheral offices (by assigning to the branch manager the possibility to insert/modify the employees belonging to his management centre). All personal data is stored keeping track of time registration, modifications and the operator who has performed the insertion or change.

Multi-company procedure
The application can manage more than one company with different labor agreements at the same time, guaranteeing a complete and logical environment separation.

Real time data availability
All Zucchetti Time and Attendance terminals can be connected via telephone line or LAN - WAN (using the TCP/IP protocol) and a PC installed at the Head Office; the download of transactions tracked in the terminals is automatically scheduled and activated in pre-arranged timetables if the operators are not present. This allows real time data availability of all company employees' attendance information.

Practical Features
The "workstation" is nothing else but a PC installed with an HTML browser directly connected to the company's network or, in case of remote connection, through an ISDN or ADSL line. This means that the procedure can always be available on any computer connected to the company's network or to the Internet.

Password/Security management
The section concerning access password management is developed with a particular attention to security and access configuration, according to privacy law regulations. For each user it is possible to define:

  • the group of people on which it is possible to act
  • sections that can be used with a personalized desktop;
  • access type for every section (display only, insertion, modification, cancel);
  • language.

Time and Attendance is extremely flexible and allows:

  • the management of different schedules by number of scheduled clockings (no clock in/out, single clock in/out, 2 or 4 or 6 clock in/out, free), by flexibility type (daily or periodical coverage), necessary to cover work shifts (day shifts, hours assigned for the clock in and clock out of the respective day);
  • calculation of theoretical hours, worked hours, ordinary, worked days, paid days, exceptional, shift increases and compensation subdivided per hour intervals and days of the week;
  • automatic shift rotation for weekly, periodical and continuous cycle management;
  • assignment of more timetables for the same employee and automatic timetable specification according to work attendance;
  • counter definition for the management of reports, compensation, reminders, progressive and hour amount;
  • managing self-justified clockings introduced directly on the terminals.
  • management of overtime hours according to different methods (pending authorization, automatically authorized, overtime bank, overtime hours, to be made up, etc.).

Time and Attendance integrates with other Zucchetti personnel management applications, like Human Resources Management, Workflow Presence & Vacation Plan, Travel expenses, Payroll, and Job Costing.

This integrated setup provides a complete system for a simpleflexible management of all human resources data and, since the personnel database is shared by all applications, information need only be entered once, thus eliminating the risk of overlapping data and the time-wasting of repeated input of shared information.