Carfleet Management

Drive your fleet towards efficiency!

ZCarFleet is the Zucchetti web technology solution that guarantees optimal organization and control of fleet management processes to offer a precise service inside the company, to limit costs and to make the right decisions for a strategic company asset.

Owned, hired or leased vehicles, reserved in benefit for an employee or made available to the whole company: it does not matter the type or use; with ZCarFleet, each company vehicle is always under control.

The advantages of ZCarFleet, an extra gear for your fleet!

MORE COORDINATION. ZCarFleet is an innovative solution that fully responds to the needs for sharing and communicating in modern, efficient companies. It allows the involvement of everyone those that take part in the management of different processes in the company (Fleet Manager, Controller, HR, Finance, Purchase, Managers and Collaborators). This translates into a significant saving of time and costs thanks to greater efficiency and consistency in company processes, to the guarantee of correct data, improvement in communication, etc.

360° VIEW. Virtual garages always updated for booking vehicles, GPS real-time tracking systems to know everything about each vehicle, business analytics tools to summarize the indicators linked to the fleet management processes in clear, detailed analyses. With ZCarFleet the fleet is always under control.

EVERYTHING NECESSARY. ZCarFleet is the web solution for companies that want an efficient, complete system for fleet management. That is why it has been designed and realized with a modular, scalable structure to allow each company to configure its own solution based on its specific needs and own organization.

Created to satisfy the needs of all company departments usually involved in the fleet management process (logistics, human resources, administration, accounting etc.), ZCarFleet allows you to access the functions you are interested in via a single portal, thanks to the perfect integration with: 

  • ZTravel, the Zucchetti suite for full management of transfers and expense sheets in all pre-travel, on-travel and post-travel phases; 
  • Zucchetti HR, the Zucchetti suite for personnel management to answer staff administration needs (payslips, attendance, timesheets etc.); 
  • Zucchetti Management Software and ERP,management software in web technology to support company processes to answer the accounting sector needs; 
  • HR and ERP applications from other software houses.


ZCarFleet offers a specific answer to every company fleet management area: 

  • Choice of ownership of vehicle
  • Choice of allocation of vehicle (in pool/in benefit)
  • Supplier and contract management
  • Refunds/charges to employees
  • Allocation process of vehicle in benefit/pool
  • Monitoring of administrative deadlines
  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance management
  • Vehicle monitoring (position, routes and consumption) and historical record
  • Business analytics for cost analysis
  • Profit and loss account of vehicle and fleet

Do you want to have full control of your company car fleet? ZCarFleet’s functionalities are now available on mobile too.

Thanks to the ZCarFleet App each driver and the car fleet managers can access useful functionalities for a complete, secure and controlled car pool management.
Find out more about the ZCarFleet App