Contracts and supplier qualification

Qualify your suppliers with Zucchetti software: simple, fast and safe!

Safety in the workplace must not only be managed regarding collaborators and company processes, but also for the interferences that arise when third-party companies or self-employed workers for whom the employer becomes responsible enter the company.

The software for managing contracts and qualifying suppliers allows you to:

  • Manage the qualification procedure who will provide services in the company very simply by various company figures (Procurement Department, Quality Department, Administration etc) and relative assessment to guarantee maximum security;
  • Define which documents and certifications the supplier must provide;
  • Manage expiry dates

In particular, the software allows:

  • Management of supplier and any subcontractor registers and data;
  • Collection of the supplier’s documents (Chamber of Commerce certification, Single Insurance payment certificate (DURC), certificates, insurance policies, records of employment etc);
  • Approval of data (by the various sectors involved, Procurement Department, Supplier Administration, Quality Department);
  • Automatic monitoring of validity expiry dates for documents with automatic alerts close to said dates;
  • Automatic control of presence of counter-signed documents;
  •  Identification of interferences and drafting of Single Risk Assessment Document - DUVRI;
  •  Access authorization for company areas and integration of access control system;
  • Summary of non-compliances found, management of supplier and their resource “black lists” , updating of expiry dates for scheduled monitoring sessions;
  •  Filing of all documentation.

The Zucchetti software for managing contracts and qualifying suppliers:

  • Reduces management time for necessary documents and information, delegating uploading and updating of documents and information from supplier;
  • Has the guarantee of respecting procedures and expiry dates;
  • Drastically reduces paper documentation;
  • Provides automatic management systems for access authorization and blocking for suppliers who do not have the necessary requisites;
  • Assesses suppliers in relation to their quality in terms of punctuality and precision depending on the checks carried out.


Choosing  a solution that can manage in-company safety in an optimal manner means not just protecting corporate human capital, but also:

  • Reducing business risk: even if the role of health and safety officer is outsourced, the responsibility for health and safety in the workplace remains with the company owner, with consequent penalties and sanctions that may go as far as closing down the company;
  • Obtaining economic advantages: days of absence due to injury or illness, which are damaging for the employer, are reduced;
  • Improving company atmosphere with clear advantages in terms of productivity;
  • Truly knowing what happens in the company: thanks to monitoring systems, it is possible to identify room for improvement and optimization of every company process. 


The Contracts and Supplier Qualification software is part of Safety Solution, the modular Zucchetti suite developed in web technology for complete management of all health and safety in the workplace obligations provided by leg. decree 81/08.:

  • RAD - Risk assessment document
  • OSP- Operational safety plan;
  • Risk factors;
  • PPE- Personal Protection Equipment;
  • Accident management;
  • Health monitoring;
  • Safety training;
  • Contracts.

Safety Solution is available both in license mode (can be installed on customer premises or in the Zucchetti Data Center) and in Software as a Service mode.


Safety Solution has the same database as all applications in the Zucchetti HR Infinity suite, an important plus point and that no other workplace safety management system has.

The single, integrated database permits all the departments and figures involved in the health and safety management process to communicate with each other, drastically reducing low added value routine activities, optimizing processes and improving efficiency, with important advantages for worker safety.