Information straight to the core

InfoBusiness is the Business Intelligence solution for:

  • Competitive earnings
  • Reducing wastefulness
  • Improving efficiency in company organization
  • Decision support (Decision Support System)
  • Company performance control (Business Performance Measurement)

The strategic solution to be more competitive on the market: Infobusiness helps you reach success by achieving your business targets.

With INFOBUSINESS you will have:

Company data Management
All the necessary functions for study and results evaluation are available in a single tool. It is possible to create queries just by using advanced formulas, functions and viewing reports in different formats: pivot tables, graphics and other tools for dynamic analysis. It is the only way to transform thoughts and intuition into action!

Data Reliability
A single complete and reliable tool, data dispersion is avoided, you will always dispose of reliable and certified data.

User Profile
It allows defining specific profiles so that anyone can access their personal information. Therefore, it is possible to distribute certified data and safely use analysis tools, which can be used by all business levels (from managers to employees).

InfoBusiness is natively integrated with Zucchetti products through the IB Connector:

  • ERP and business management systems;
  • HR software;
  • Software for the management of professional services firms;

Through this integration, start-up time is measured in hours, and the user is ensured a fast and perfectly functioning system.