Human Resources Compensation and Assessments

The software to keep human resources performance under control

The Human Resources Assessment and Compensation software provides several functions to support personnel management processes in order to structure effective assessment processes, career paths and compensation policies. 

The software aims to provide support in the Talent Management world, helping the human resources department in performance assessment.

Human Resources Assessments and Compensation provides tools for the periodic and personalized measurement of performance and for monitoring and analyzing assessments made for each individual element or for the individual resources assessed.


  • Role and position assessment: grade management, position coverage, gap analysis, organizational change management;
  • Performance assessment: assignment of activities and objectives, development plans, alignment/calibration between objectives, performance and conduct;
  • Talent, Career and Succession Management: assessment of potential, career paths and succession tables.

In support of the assessments, the HR department and managers also have an innovative continuous Feedback System at their disposal, in order to conduct climate analyses and collect timely feedback from personnel to complement or replace the annual review. 


  • Remuneration strategies and policies: internal/external benchmark analysis, internal/external market comparison, equity analysis, position remuneration/grade coverage comparison, merit matrix;
  • Salary review processes: review dashboards, proposal budgets, integration with payroll software, communications to employees;
  • Incentive schemes and MBOs: eligibility and incentive schemes, target bands, theoretical and final bonus calculation engine, reductions and adjustments, "batch" interventions.

The Human Resources Assessments and Compensation software is available both in license mode (can be installed on customer premises or in the Zucchetti Data Center) and in Software as a Service mode.

Compensation and Assessments is part of  Infinity HR, the first and only web technology suite with a unique master data database for complete human resources management, which provides the HR Department with software to manage all personnel administration,  talent search and management and corporate welfare  aspects.

In addition to sharing the same database, HR Infinity software offers you useful common functions that promote efficiency, collaboration, and process control such as the HR Portal, tools for Document management and the Signing of documents and for Personnel analysis.

The power of Infinity software solutions goes further.
With Infinity Zucchetti you create a veritable application platform that integrates all the HRTravel & Fleet, Workforce Management and Safety & Security processes.

For Compensation and Human Resources Assessment policies, data is fundamental.

So too is software able to collect, integrate and display it in an intuitive manner.

The Zucchetti Compensation and Assessments software lets you analyze all data and processes using a number of immediate, precise Analytics reports.
In this way time is saved and strategic and operational decisions can be taken with everything under control.

Available in real time on desktop and mobile, Zucchetti Analytics support the activities of Human Resources and Top Management by offering a complete, dynamic and integrated view of personnel data.

Zucchetti Analytics for Human Resources integrates with Microsoft PowerBI.

Here are all the reports that are available immediately:

Training  Extract of HR Training Activities, pivots and course statistics.
Participants and Instructors  Extract of Participants and Instructors in HR Training Activities presented in a pivot table.
Wages  Extract of data concerning wages presented in tables/graphs.