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HR Mobility software: a solid guide to control costs 

Employee business trips are one of the first expense items in corporate balances: expense types are varied and for this reason keeping them under control is never easy.

This is why Zucchetti supports companies in making processes more efficient and reducing costs with its software designed to manage business trips and car fleets, in particular:

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Always carry data with you with Travel & Fleet mobile apps

Ease of use and information accessibility are the most important requirements for business travellers. In an increasingly connected world it is necessary to maintain all software functionalities even when switching from one device to another one (desktop, tablet and mobile).

This is why Zucchetti’s Travel & Fleet software can be accessed from mobile devices too, thanks to the dedicated apps, designed to simplify and streamline processes.

An example? The travel expense registration is quick and easy if you use the app: it is enough to take a picture of the receipts/invoices and send them from a smartphone to start the reimbursement process.

Zucchetti HR: the integrated ecosystem for the management company’s people

Think of a company where each person (employees, managers, external collaborators, guests) is connected and part of a unique management system. For this reason, Zucchetti HR was created, the first platform with a unique database that integrates all the processes involving people.


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The Travel & Fleet software, integrated with other applicative areas, allow you to:
  • Manage the allocation process of vehicles in benefit;
  • Assign business trip spending limits based on the organizational chart;
  • Automatically reimburse/charge travel expenses and expenses related to the use of vehicles in pool directly on payslips;
  • Use the business trips data to optimize all employees’ work shift calendar;
  • Insert travel expenses in the timesheet balance related to projects/job orders

Zucchetti HR: the choice of many

Thanks to their native integration, flexibility and international characteristics our solutions:

  • Are present in 16 countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Congo, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain and UK;
  • Are available in 8 languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Polish and Portoguese.