Travel Planning and Booking

Manage Company Trips and Booking Refunds efficiently

ZTravel is the global web application that allows managing, by means of a single operational form, all the local, tax related and organizational requirements. ZTravel Travel Planning and Booking is the solution for the management of the entire pre-travel process related to missions and company business trips from planning to cost control.

With Travel Planning and Booking you can manage:

  • booking, means of transport, and hotel and company goods
  • advance payments and returns
  • documents (visas, passports, etc.) and medical examinations necessary for the the bussiness trip.

The high flexibility of the solution and the possibilty to easily adapt it to each company's travel policies are an essential support for the company, which can efficiently pursue its own cost saving policies, focused on the business trip expense control by means of the Business Trip Budget definition (by Order, Cost Center, or Business Trip type).


Dynamic, simple and innovative

The software was designed to be an extremely intuitive tool that easily allows:

  • simplifying offices involved in the entire management process activities 
  • removing hardcopy documents
  • giving greater authority to the staff who can insert requests via web and mobile
  • improving services for the staff 
  • providing managers the immediate verification of processes and activities

Moreover the company may involve Travel Agencies in the process in order to manage:

  • bookings, also giving Travel Agencies' users direct access to the solution
  • business trips documents like tickets and vouchers that will automatically be archived in the Business Trip file of each user (DMS)
  • invoices filing