Continuous Human Resources Feedback

The software to collect feedback from employees to support your assessments

Constant listening and relationship with employees and company managers is fundamental.

Thanks to the Zucchetti Continuous Feedback function, part of the Human Resources Compensation and Assessments software, the HR Department can collect continuous feedback from personnel to support or replace the annual review to obtain strategic benefits:

  • improve interpersonal relations between managers and employees;
  • increase employee engagement;
  • break down "hierarchical" barriers
  • carry out daily assessments and day-by-day analysis of the corporate climate.

How do you rate the course?
How do you judge your relationship with your colleagues?
How are you doing in Smart Working?

These are just a few examples of the potential of Continuous Feedback, which allows employees to send feedback with related scores on each topic related to the typical Human Resources assessment processes (Skills, Roles, Objectives, Activities, Performance, Training), conduct climate analyses, but also send thanks, commendations, awards and comments of a general nature.