HR Portal ZConnect App

Every company’s results depends on its own staff’s work and collaboration.
Allowing them to carry out their work to the best of their abilities and making them feel they are a part of the company, while improving internal communication are fundamental aspects.

Zucchetti's ZConnect - Enterprise Edition App is the mobile application that allows all the functions of a full Human Resources Portal to be used on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets): all resources useful for employees (communications, news about the company, personal documents such as payslips, attendance sheets or holiday plans) can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere and for people such as shift workers, on site or commercial staff who do  not have a desktop computer.

With the ZConnect application, which evolves constantly to meet companies’ growing needs, the Human Resources department can now allow its own employees to:

  • Consult their own personal documents: payslip, attendance sheet, tax return;
  • Read communications, memorandums and staying updated about all company news;
  • receive notifications about the publication of new documents or communications.
ZConnect therefore becomes the privileged contact channel between employee and company, with maximum security thanks to each document being protected by the employee’s ID PIN number and with utilities such as entering your own photo that allows you to personalize the app and make communication more modern and interesting.

Designed for those people always on the move, the ZConnect App can also become the sole access gate for all mobile functions in the Zucchetti HR Management offer.

In a single full application that is useful and simple to use, the company can create its own staff-dedicated mobile platform:

  • Attendance badging (ZClockIn app)
  • Shift calendar consultation and management (ZScheduling app)
  • Allocation of activities and employee shift scheduling by supervisors (ZScheduling Planner app)
  • Filling out and sending timesheets of hours worked by employees on activities or orders (ZTimesheet app)
  • Insertion by supervisors of working hours of employees and comparison with hourly forecast (ZTeamwork app)
  • Creation of travel expense reports
  • Car fleet management and booking of coporate cars (ZCarFleet app)
  • Sending of absence-related justifications and request of holiday to the HR department (ZTimeline Workflow app)
  • Filling in of checklist for inspections and audit management (ZAudit app)

Therefore, with ZConnect staff always have everything they need to simplify their work, take part in company life and remain operational, even when they are on the move.

Who is the HR Portal ZConnect App dedicated to?
The ZConnect - Enterprise Edition app can be used by all companies that want to innovate the internal communication with employees and increase the engagement in the HR management.

How can I activate the HR Portal ZConnect App ?
The company has to enable its collaborators that will autonomously download the app from the main online stores.

Which operative systems is the ZConnect App compatible with?
The ZConnect App is compatible with iOS and Android. The app can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

What do I need for the App to work properly?
The company that wants to use the ZConnect App to coomunicate with its employees has to be using Zucchetti’s HR Portal.


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