ZScheduling Planner App

Planning employee work shifts is complicated?
Managing the different activities requires a lot of time?

Make everything easy and quick with the ZScheduling Planner app, designed to streamline the daily activities of those planning shifts and projects.

How? By making the activity calendar always accessible on mobile for the planner, who will therefore be able to insert and modify shifts directly from the app. 

With the “ZScheduling Planner Enterprise Edition" app you can:

  • View and publish activities;
  • Assign activities to satisfy needs;
  • Modify and update the calendar. 

ZScheduling Planner allows workers and companies to save time because its uniqueness lies in being natively integrated with: 

  • ZScheduling, Zucchetti's Workforce Scheduling and Shift Planning software;
  • The Human Capital Management software for Time & Attendance, Timesheet and Business Travel.

In this way all information are one click away, from any place and at any time, even for the employees who do not have a fixed workstation or PC.

Who is the ZScheduling Planner app dedicated to?
The ZScheduling Planner Enterprise Edition app can be used by all those companies that want to improve the planning of activities, making the job of managers and supervisors easier, faster and more flexible when planning their workers' shift calendar.   

How is the ZScheduling Planner app activated?
The company must authorize its own workers, who can then download the app autonomously from the main online store.

Which operating systems is the ZScheduling Planner app currently compatible with?
The ZScheduling Planner app is compatible with Android and can be downloaded from Google Play.

What is required to use the app correctly?
The company that wants to use the ZScheduling Planner app for activity management must have purchased Zucchetti’s HR portal and and the Activity Plan module.

Try the free demo version of the ZScheduling Planner app immediately!
Download the App from stores and find out how to simplify personnel shift management.