ZTeamwork Hours Monitoring App

Keeping track of worked hours via mobile is easy!

Are you a supervisor who needs to monitor your team’s working hours on job orders and projects?
The ZTeamwork App makes the management and evaluation of performances easy and fast!

With the ZTeamwork App for tablets, the supervisor can insert the working hours of each employee at any time, dividing them by project/client/job order/activity, even without Internet connection. He/she can therefore compare in real time the hours actually worked by personnel with the hourly forecast, to monitor activity trends and workload, promptly intervening in case of deviations.

Once the worked hours have been inserted, they are then sent to the central ZTimesheet software, with which the ZTeamwork App is natively integrated, to be then used in managing time and attendance, in elaborating payslips and invoices and in accounting processes.

Everything in just one tool, always at hand.

Try the free demo version of the ZTeamwork App immediately!

Who is the ZTeamwork App dedicated to?
The ZTeamwork – Enterprise Edition App can be used by all those companies that need a constant monitoring of personnel’s working hours, in order to have productivity and project/job order/activity trends always under control.
By using the App on tablet, controls and analyses can be carried out in real time at any moment, even without Internet connection.

How is the ZTeamwork App activated?
The company must authorize its own workers, who can then download the app autonomously from the main online stores.

Which operating systems is the ZTeamwork App compatible with?
The ZTeamwork App is compatible with Android and can be downloaded from Google Store.

What is required to use the App correctly?
The company that needs to use the ZTeamwork App for its employees, needs to have purchased Zucchetti’s Infinity ZTimesheet software. In particular, the company needs to be using the following module: Teamwork, to manage employees’ timesheet

Try the free demo version of the ZTeamwork App immediately!
Download the App from stores and find out how to simplify working hours, activity and order monitoring.