ZTimeline Workflow App

Keep your WorkFlow always under control!

ZTimeline Workflow Enterprise Edition is the app for smartphone and tablet that allows employees to justify absences or overtime and get them approved in just a few clicks. In this way, the company itself and its workers save time, reducing the WorkFlow’s usage and visualization time and limiting the use of computers.

Moreover, the ZTimeline Workflow app guarantees an overall increase in efficiency, thanks to the native integration with:

All useful resources for collaborators and supervisors are therefore available 24/7, from any place and also for those who do not have a fixed PC station like shifters, on-site employees or sales people. Users can also insert information without an Internet connection, simply by inserting a draft. 

With the ZTimeline WorkFlow app it is possible to:

  • Insert new requests related to justifications, missed punches and shift changes (planned or chosen)
  • Justify anomalies in three ways, with different specifications for each insertion
  • Choose two quick justifications, that allow users to justify, in just one click, the whole anomaly or just an extra-hour
  • Open in zoon mode the list of justifications that can entirely cover the absence or the extra-hour without asking for further information
  • Insert all info in a complete way
  • Where possible, cancel a previous insertion
  • Enable supervisors to coordinate the operational flow, approving and denying, even massively, pending requests
  • Filter all the information present in the timeline by justification type or by group
  • Use filters to visualize personal and colleagues’ totalizers


Who is the ZTimeline WorkFlow App dedicated to?
The ZTimeline WorkFlow Enterprise Edition app can be used by all those companies that want to improve the management of their HR, giving employees a tool that enables them to easily and quickly justify anomalies, absences and overtime.

How is the ZTimeline WorkFlow App activated?
The company must authorize its own workers, who can then download the app autonomously from the main online stores. 

Which operating systems is the ZTimeline WorkFlow App compatible with?
The ZTimeline WorkFlow app is compatible with Android and iOS and it can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.

What is required to use the App correctly?
The company that needs to use the ZTimeline WorkFlow app to manage its personnel’s WorkFlow, needs to be using Zucchetti HR Portal and HR Worfklow software.


Try the free demo version of the ZTimeline WorkFlow app!
Download the app from the stores and find out how simple it is to manage absences and presences.