The Training module for Web Resources allows managing and controlling all the activities relating to training within the company, from definition of the budget and collection of the training needs, to definition of training programs, organisation of the operations, control of costs and reporting of the activities.

The system supports the training service in the collection and definition of training needs through two system functions:

  • analysis of requests for training requirements communicated by the different managers, via a form available in the system,  
  • analysis of the skills possessed.

The HR Department is able to collect the training requests sent by managers in order to formulate the budget and training programmes (hours, costs, sessions to be organised). 

A catalogue of courses organised into various thematic areas and types
can be defined in the system, specifying different details of information:

  • Definition: course title, subject, validity;
  • Trainers: indication of internal and/or external teachers;
  • Skills: indication of the skills that the course aims to develop;
  • Specific courses: indication of the positions, branch offices, professional groups, etc. to which the course is aimed;
  • Prerequisites: indication of the minimum prerequisites for accessing the course;
  • Objectives and contents: definition of objectives and contents;
  • Documents: for attaching the material;
  • Connections: for inserting links to other sites containing information on the course;
  • Attestations: model of the attestation issued upon participation in the course;
  • Evaluations: model of the course evaluation questionnaire.
The software allows you to analyse all data and processes with a series of immediate and punctual Analytics reports. Save time and make strategic and operative decisions having everything under control.

The HR Analytics reports that are immediately available are:

  • Training  Extract of Training Activities and course statistics.
  • Participants and Instructors  Extract of Participants and Instructors in Training Activities presented in a pivot table.
  • Wages  Extract of data concerning wages presented in tables/graphs.