Job Posting, CV and Candidate Management

In-recruiting: the software with Artificial Intelligence for search and selection of the best talent

In-recruiting is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software platform that helps you manage the entire Talent Acquisition process, in order to have timely support in finding, selecting and managing the best talent in less time.

  • Create your own personalized and also mobile-friendlycareer-page to narrate your company, convey your Employer Brand and attract a constant flow of spontaneous applications
  • Publish your ads in multiposting with a click on more than 35 Job boards and on the main pay portals
  • Do Social Recruiting by sharing ads on social media
  • Quickly screen candidates'CVs using Artificial Intelligence functions
  • Select the right candidate thanks to a complete and always updated candidate register
  • Manage the entire application process: interview agenda, organization of video interviews, tests, collection of selectors' assessments, communications to candidates
  • Analyze and control the process with dedicated Reports and Statistics

All the innovative features of the In-recruiting Applicant Tracking System are available in Software as a Service mode.

With In-recruiting you have not only recruiting management software, but an intelligent assistant that works for you.
What can you do with artificial intelligence? Here are some examples!

  • semantic searches in candidate profiles and CVs
  • automatic CV classification
  • ads scoring
  • identification and suggestion of similar CVs

Simple, right?


Thanks to native integration, In-recruiting and the Human Resources Selection software allow the HR department to manage the entire recruitment and induction process

  • personnel requests
  • internal selection campaigns
  • career page and job posting
  • candidate master data management
  • CV screening
  • interview and assessment management
  • hiring
  • onboarding