HR Portal

The meeting point between Human Resources Department and the Company Population!

A real portal that optimizes the management and communication processes, streamlines and improves efficiency of the personnel department activities. HR Portal allows all services, information and employee self-service for collaborators and applications reserved for the personnel office to be published online. 

HR Portal is therefore a useful tool for supporting relations between the company and its staff that allows the entire organization to reduce information access time, facilitate the consultation of documents, optimize process management and improve company image, through a single web access point.

If on the one hand the HR portal facilitates HR Manager and Middle Management work in managing collaborators, on the other hand, it allows the entire company population to access information that it needs and be involved in company processes. 

HR Portal is available on PC, tablet, smartphone and totem touch screen.

Via the HR Portal, the Human Resources department has the following online:

  • all services (payroll, attendance management, staff budget etc) for managing its collaborators;
  • An important tool for managing several activities and processes (from recruitment to selection, training schedules to the sending of assessment tests, skill assessment to goal allocation, etc);
  • an area for publishing company communication and any document of interest to employees (payslip, attendance sheet, contract data, salary, etc), even if differentiated by organizational structures in the company (branches, sectors etc);
  • A provision point for so-called self-service services that allow employees to check their attendance badges and enter any reasons for attendance/absence, enter their holiday plans, expense reports, view their training programme and take part in courses, etc

HR Portal: the new way of working of the HR Department!

HR Portal is part of Zucchetti HR, the first and only web based suite with a unique database for a complete management of all administrative, organizational and HR management aspects.

This is possible thanks to Zucchetti HR, the only software suite in web, cloud and mobile technology that allows you to integrate all the processes of administration, organization, development and security of every person in the company.

In addition to sharing the same database, Zucchetti HR software provides you with useful cross-functions that foster efficiency, collaboration and process control such as the HR Portal, Document Management and Signature tools and Personnel Analysis.

And the strength of Zucchetti software goes further.
Because Zucchetti HR also connects to all other business systems, from management/ERP software to invoicing, from asset management to CRM. And the strength of Zucchetti software goes beyond.

Do you love innovation? Do you often work outside the company premises? Do you always want to be in contact with your company’s personnel office?
For those like you who have chosen Zucchetti HR there is now the HR Portal ZConnect App, the app that allows you to access your company’s human resources from your mobile to your portal.

The HR Portal ZConnect App transfers all the functions that the company has activated on HR Portal Zucchetti to your smartphone or tablet. In this way, you have a clear, immediate view of badgings, anomalies in the attendance sheet and holidays and you can rapidly consult:

  • Payslips, attendance sheets, Unique Employee Certificates;
  • Company communications;
  • Residual holidays;
  • Expense sheets;
  • The work shifts allocated