Workforce Scheduling and Shift Planning

Easy to use Employee Scheduling Software to help Your Business

Zucchetti's Workforce Management software ZScheduling is the software that solves problems and complexities associated with shift management and planning. Configurable on several employment contracts, Zucchetti Workforce Scheduling software fully meets the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries: hospitals and healthcare, manufacturing, services, retail and so on.

 is the rostering sofware that improves business productivity and management audit through a rational and consistent organization of shifts, reduction of overtime and availability, time and money saving, because:

  • it attributes workloads in a functional way;
  • it reduces shifts time and errors processing;
  • it prevent delays and disruptions;
  • it allows to always have a complete view of the business and the historical shifts schedules.

Zucchetti's Workforce Management software 
 is available either in license (it can be installed at the customer's premises or in the Zucchetti Data Center), or as Software as a Service.

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Reduces Time and Costs
Zucchetti's Workforce Management software ZScheduling allows a logical and homogeneous shift organization, notably reducing the occurring of overtime and availability requests and allows personnel offices to considerably save time and reduce costs.

Assigning work tasks through functions, the application reduces time and mistakes in elaborating shifts, lowers and prevents delays and inefficiency, and allows a drastic time decrease in comparing and sending data to the time and attendance system.The solution increases company productivity, guaranteeing better management control.

Infinity ZScheduling is a modular solution, entirely scalable and suitable to different employment contracts and therefore easily adaptable to different organizations.

Interfacing with Time and Attendance systems (Zucchetti or non-Zucchetti) it allows an on-line monitoring of the employees, also from branch offices, and a daily data communication with the main departments. Thanks to its ability in comparing data, received from the terminals through scheduled shifts, the time and attendance application does not run the risk of generating any anomalies.

Integrating Zucchetti's Workforce Management software ZScheduling not only with Time and Attendance solutions, but also with Access Control terminals and software for monitored and controlled areas, creates a system that grants access to authorized personnel using a badge, and also on a shift.

Shift plan on mobile? With the ZScheduling and ZScheduling Planner Apps it’s easy!
Infinity ZScheduling’s functionalities for shift planning and management are now available on mobile too.

Find out more about the ZScheduling App to share the shift calendar and send/receive notifications for shift workers.

Find out more about the ZScheduling Planner App designed for supervisors that need to promptly update the shift calendar

The software allows you to analyse all data and processes with a series of immediate and punctual Analytics reports. Save time and make strategic and operative decisions having everything under control.

The Workforce Analytics reports that are immediately available are:

  • Shift attendance: Analysis of presences/absences during shifts
  • Shift Calendar and Availability: Extraction of shift planning and available hours calendar