Talent Web Dossier

The software solution for the management of all employee data

Talent Web Dossier is the software solution that lets you manage the data of company employees through the creation of personal files that contain, in a single file for each worker, in addition to personal information, also professional, salary, contractual and training data.

Completely web based, the Human Resources Web Dossier software, thanks to its ease of activation and use, adapts perfectly to the needs of every company, from the largest to SMEs.
It helps to greatly simplify the activities related to employee classification, reducing data management time and costs, and also provides analyses and statistics on workers according to different criteria.

The Talent Web Dossier software is available in both license mode (can be installed on customer premises or in the Zucchetti Data Center) and in Software as a Service mode.

Talent Web Dossier is part of Infinity HR, the first and only web technology suite with unique master data database for complete human resources management, which provides the HR Department with software to manage all personnel administration, talent search and management and corporate welfare  aspects.

In addition to sharing the same database, HR Infinity software offers you useful common functions that promote efficiency, collaboration, and process control such as the HR Portal, tools for Document management and the Signing of documents and for Personnel analysis.

The power of Infinity software solutions goes further.
With Infinity Zucchetti you create a veritable application platform that integrates all the HRTravel & Fleet, Workforce Management and Safety & Security processes.

The software allows the analysis of all data and processes using a number of immediate, precise Analytics reports.

In this way time is saved and strategic and operational decisions can be taken with everything under control.

Here are all the reports that are available immediately:

Training  Extract of HR Training Activities, pivots and course statistics.
Participants and Instructors  Extract of Participants and Instructors in HR Training Activities presented in a pivot table.
Wages  Extract of data concerning wages presented in tables/graphs.

The Talent Web Dossier software is a veritable tool for reading and analyzing personnel data.

Thanks to integration with the different HCM Human Resources Management software solutions and thanks to quick and simplified views, it provides you with specific Dossiers which, in a single point, let you consult the data of the individual person or groups of people to support your decisions.

Each Dossier has dashboards, simplified overviews and icons that provide users with easy browsing that does not require any special training.

Management and consultation of the data of each person with specific profiles for data in the professional, curricular and salary areas, based on the Zucchetti HCM and HR Management software solutions activated.

TRAINING DOSSIER training courses attended, academic qualifications and language skills to verify which employees have a certain qualification, or which have not yet taken part in a given training course.

Consultation in aggregate form of personnel remuneration data from the Payroll software, company cost, overtime worked and paid, bonuses paid, absences and allowances.

Allows consultation of personnel documents, viewing, for example, the list of employees with a certain type of attachment or, vice versa, those who do not possess a given document.

Management and consultation of various types of company materials (PCs, mobile phones, clothing, benefits) and the persons who have been supplied with this material.

Management and monitoring of deadlines related to personnel, such as the end of a trial period, the end of a contract or the end date for provision of particular equipment.