Selection and Online CV

This module allows the company to manage the entire personnel recruitment and selection process, from the definition of requests to the receipt of the CVs from the candidates, to the definition of shortlists, to the scheduling of interviews and tests, through to the hiring of new employees.The module is completed by the "Collaborators CV", which allows managing job postings and internal candidates.

The system allows managing selection campaigns in order to define the personnel requests to be processed, the estimated costs, the people to find, the positions and company sectors, the sources and channels used with management of costs incurred. It also allows monitoring the candidates associated with the campaigns. Once the shortlist of candidates for a campaign has been identified, the personnel selection service can allow the requesting manager to access the candidate's information (CV), the results of interviews already conducted and the outcome of the current interview after its completion.

The system allows defining the selection “campaigns” or competitions, to which can be associated the following “sections” of information:

  • Definition: position,  people to find, start and end, costs:
  • Requests: indication of requests to be processed;
  • Recruitment channels: recruitment channels used and any publications;
  • Candidates: candidates called;
  • Custom data: fields available to users for specific needs;

Documents can be attached to campaigns, which will be available to candidates through the online CV (refer to the specific section). With regard to recruitment channels, the system allows the management of information such as:

  • contacts: indication of the contact people with the relative contact details;
  • contracts: coordinates of signed contracts;
  • payments: payment terms and bank details;
  • publications: list of publications for the recruitment channel.