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Zurich, present in Italy since 1902, has always put people at the center, covering the insurance needs of its customers in more than 215 countries around the world, in the area of protection, savings and welfare, allowing individuals to plan their future serenely and companies to focus on their business.
Zurich, whose mission has always been protection, during Covid-19, wanted to ensure the maximum safety of its people by rethinking the work processes at headquarters and applying a technological HR Digital Transformation that would ensure effectiveness in preventing contagion, organizational efficiency and sustainability even in the post-Covid period.

Covid-19 made it necessary to rethink the way people live and collaborate, even in the company.
Zurich, which already relied on Zucchetti's solutions for personnel management, needed to manage the processes related to a new organization of work on site: from monitoring access and the health status of employees entering the company, to organizing and reserving parking spaces and workstations, guaranteeing the respect of safety distances and operating through an integrated technological ecosystem of software and apps.

Based on the customer's needs, the "Back to Work" project was created, which involved over 1,200 employees and was activated promptly after the first pandemic wave.
An integrated technology ecosystem of software and apps was created that would allow the company to manage onsite staff while complying with healthcare protocols, while being intuitive and easy to use for employees. These technologies enabled a new agile work organization and additional benefits of efficiency, satisfaction, life-work balance and reduced building management costs.

A Health-Check System for access to the premises

Through the ZConnect App each employee fills in a self-assessment questionnaire on his or her state of health. The result assigns, according to criteria customised by Zurich, an eligibility value for access to company premises (traffic light logic: green - red), ensuring privacy of sensitive data and control by the HR Office and Health and Safety. Specific analysis dashboards allow for real-time tracking of phenomena.

ZWorkspace to book Workstations and Parking Spaces

With the ZWorkspace Appthe person frames a unique QR Code positioned on each station, and therefore declares the actual occupation of the desk (check in) and when it is freed (check out).

The system will also guarantee flexible management of offices and parking spaces in the future, with great benefits for management costs, for the introduction of advanced smart working logics and for the control of the use of each desk.
The employee books the parking space or workstation among those chosen by the algorithm to ensure correct distancing.

Also, not to be overlooked are the savings on operating and sanitizing costs by being able to know in advance the stations that will be occupied in the following days.

Federica Troya
Head of HR and Services at Zurich Italy

Giving employees the opportunity to return to the office after several months of smart working will allow for striking the right balance between agile work and office work, facilitating new dynamics of socialisation and conversation