Workspace Management

ZWorkspace, the solution for managing and booking workspaces and workstations

ZWorkspace is the Zucchetti solution that responds to the increasing need of companies to manage and book workspaces in a smart way.

With ZWorkspace you can book desks, workstations, classrooms, meeting rooms, but also parking spaces in a simple and intuitive way, responding to the organizational, technological and HR management needs of your company.

ZWorkspace is a complete software and hardware system, with specific functions for Facility Managers, the Logistics Department or those involved in space management, but also for the HR Department and the company’s HSM, as well as allowing employees to directly manage bookings in self-service mode.

ZWorkspace is a COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL solution which allows both employees and visitors to verify the availability of company workspaces and then book them in a simple manner, thanks to a very intuitive GRAPHIC INTERFACE and a very FLEXIBLEapplication STRUCTURE, with menus, views and prints diversified by user.

But the benefits don't end there:

  • QUERIES and ANALYSES - the software has reports and indicators to monitor performance and initiate faster decision making processes
  • WEB and MOBILE - the solution is completely web based, but is also available on mobile devices, with apps for bookings and check-in/check out
  • INTEGRATIONS - the solution integrates functionally with Zucchetti's HR management, access control and asset management software and systems
  • SMART WORKING - the solution is ideal for companies that operate in co-working and for companies that manage personnel and spaces with a smart working approach
  • SAFETY - ZWorkspace meets the current needs related to the health emergency, avoiding the gathering of people on company premises

ZWorkspace is integrated with:

  • Zucchetti  Access Control and Safety solutions, in order to know how many people are inside a workspace - also to avoid gatherings and to maintain the social distancing of employees according to current health protocols - and in order to be able to manage the people present in a given space in the event of an emergency
  • Zucchetti HR management solutions: thanks to the unique database, all events concerning an individual collaborator (absences, transfers, courses etc.) contribute to automatically updating the status of each booking.
  • Zucchetti solutions for the Asset Management: the facility manager has at his disposal a complete suite for management of the building and its spaces, in terms of booking the spaces themselves, air quality control and energy and maintenance management of the related systems, machinery and equipment

The new way of living the working environment imposes, also for health and safety reasons, a new habit: the abandonment of the fixed workstation and the sharing of work space and company resources.

With this in mind, the ZWorkspace App was born, a mobile extension of the ZWorkspace solution. The app allows employees to book workspaces and company resources in full autonomy, thus sharing the work environment in a safe, dynamic and collaborative way.

Download it on your smartphone to:

  • manage reservations for meeting rooms, workstations, parking spaces and other company resources
  • book the related services and support tools (projectors, blackboards, catering and other useful services)
  • confirm the occupation of the booked resource through check-in and check-out.
  • With the app the worker will be able to book in 3 steps (Search - Selection - Cart), all the spaces and company resources useful for his stay in the company and confirm their use through check in-check-out (through the app, by scanning a QR Code or TAG NFC or automatically thanks to IoT sensors).

All bookings, both current and future, are summarised in the app's dashboard; for each resource booked, it is possible to consult descriptive information and view its location on the company plan.

  • DEFINITION AND ALLOCATION OF SPACES: if you are a facility manager, an HR manager or an HSM, you can define the different types of assets and workspaces (census and cost definition) in the company, associating them with specific groups of users authorized to book them and allocating them according to type of activity
  • BOOKING MANAGEMENT: at any time and wherever you are, also thanks to the mobile app, you can manage room, desk, etc. bookings, either as a supervisor user or in self-service mode, if you are an employee. It is also possible to book the related services and supporting equipment (catering, sundry materials). Bookings can be viewed and managed with check-in and check-out functions, via calendar, QR Code and NFC Tags, or via BLE antennas located in the workstations.
  • MONITORING: specific monitors positioned in the company spaces allow employees to check whether a room or a workstation is free or occupied, also providing a valid support in giving directions and orientation to people inside the building.