Case history

Penny Market

Efficient Personnel Management for affordable shopping

SECTOR: Mass Market Retail
TURNOVER: €60 billion (Rewe Group)

Client Profile

Penny Market, a food discount chain belonging to the REWE Group, is one of the leading commercial groups on the German and European markets in the Mass Market Retail sector. The brand, which was founded in 1994, now has 375 stores in Italy and internationally, namely in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania, it can count over 3,600 stores.

Penny Market’s main objective is customer satisfaction. To achieve this it guarantees a wide range of quality products at competitive prices, displayed in welcoming, comfortable stores, where shopping is fast and simple.



Penny Market’s main goal was to make sure that customers could have a buying experience that lived up to their expectations and that could be distinguished from that experienced with their competitors.

This is why it was looking for a software platform that could simplify and help workers in the stores, reducing manual attendance and shift scheduling activities and thus have more time to dedicate to customers. In particular, Penny Market was looking for:

  • innovative tools to simplify store management;
  • technologies to aid communication between the company and workers and among workers themselves;
  • software with a common database to bring together all employee data in a single container.

With more than 375 stores throughout the country, managing staff accurately and efficiently is necessary for Penny Market, especially with regard to organizing the team for each store. Being able to ensure correct coverage and distribution of staff at various times of the day and at the busiest times of year, is essential.

This is why the partnership with Zucchetti began with Infinity ZScheduling, the software that helps you plan staff shifts and work tasks. By using Infinity ZScheduling, Penny introduced a self-service logic where by connecting to the portal, each worker can look at the shift schedule and enter requests, notes and shift changes autonomously and automatically, even from their smartphone, thanks to the Zucchetti Mobile App for HR Management.

Infinity ZForecast, a software package for forecasting staff requirements that - thanks to Artificial Intelligence - allows you to optimize workforce management, was also implemented to make planning even more efficient. Infinity ZForecast analyses a range of parameters that identify and characterize the needs of each store and suggests the exact number of staff, thus ensuring that the stores are correctly manned, which is one way of improving customer service.

Our association with Zucchetti then continued with management of expense sheet and our corporate fleet, with the software packages Infinity ZTravel and Infinity ZCarFleet respectively: simple, immediate solutions that can be accessed anywhere at any time, even from mobile devices.

Piero Pisoni, Director of Human Resources at Penny Market

Zucchetti was chosen after a rather complex software selection process took place, where Zucchetti stood out due to its completeness and the areas it was able to cover

It was only with Zucchetti that we managed to find all the modules that we actually needed in a single database and above all, in Zucchetti we found a technically and technologically state-of-the-art, expert partner that has its own structure able to support us through all the analysis and selection stages that we carried out. 

Above all, the readiness and promptness with which people at Zucchetti were able to intervene, even in last-minute situations, made a big difference.