Increase your turnover by making better pricing decisions

RateBoard is a revolutionary system to help you implement your Revenue Management strategy.

The software doesn't just suggest the best sales rates for each type of room per day, but also integrates processes such as Forecasts and pick-up and Budget analyses.

By means of our mathematic algorithm, the following data are taken into consideration: the situation of current and past reservations, market demand, reviews, events and public holidays, ensuring that the rate suggested is the best possible tariff for your target market.

Modifying the price for each type of room - for one or more dates - is often somewhat complicated, yet the tool that enables us to do this does not have to be so.

RateBoard is intuitive: in just a few clicks, you can adjust the rates according to your needs and, in doing do, update your Channel Manager and/or PMS.

Weeks or months of waiting are not required - in a matter of days, you can connect your interface and start working with the system. RateBoard is easy to use and master.

To summarize: shorter waiting times for a system that will become an invaluable ally.

RateBoard, in addition to being fully integrated with all the main Zucchetti Group software, is connected with the leading PMS and Booking Management solutions. 

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Simple Booking

The Analysis function will provide you with an overview of reservations that will help you to understand the behavior of your guests.
In addition to being able to compare the data with that of previous years, both in terms of OTB and YTD, this module will also allow you to view the rates offered by your competitors for the next 365 days!

The pick-up function will enable you to fully analyze the pace of your bookings, providing an exceptionally useful comparison with the pick-up data from the same period last year.

The Budget function will give you a clear and comprehensive picture of the situation at your Hotel, with the possibility of viewing the main KPIs and comparing them with those from the past three years.
Moreover, you will be able to analyze your market segments and sales channels, as well as your Budget goals.

With the rate calendar, it is easy to update your tariffs for the next two years.

The rate suggestions can be individually accepted or modified with the support of guidelines. All of this will enable you to readily react to market fluctuations and changes in your competitors’ pricing strategies.

Accept the rate suggestions or adapt them to suit your specific needs. This simple rate adjustment method will translate into an increase in Turnover of up to 20%.