Simple Booking

The booking engine that increases hotels' direct sales

Simple Booking is a different booking engine suite that will make your hotel life as cloudless as never before. We don’t simply want to boost your online direct bookings. We want to change your life. Sit down, relax and grow!

Value drives more value
Choose to boost reservations by giving more value to your hotel. An intuitive booking engine is more efficient because an easier user experience is more likely to turn into conversion.

Central Distribution System
As any smart grid Simple Booking interacts with ALL the sales channels and systems used in your hotel. Simplify back-office work, reduce costs and free up your time to focus on your customer needs.

Analyse to forecast
Turn the data into strategy: specific metrics drive you to analyse your future demand and to improve revenue management for a quick return on the purchase of the product.

Elegant, Emotional and Persuasive Public interface
Simple Booking offers an amazing public reservation area filled with many persuasive marketing signals that improve the Unique Selling Proposition of each Hotel.

Easy to use
Back Office offers a smart experience to all users thanks to simple design and user friendly interfaces, offered in 7 Languages. Via Mobile, you can manage your Hotel distribution via the exciting Simple Booking Hotelier APP available for IOS and Android.

Simple Booking is a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Service guaranteeing the highest security level to all customers.

All Digital Channels in your hand
The suite covers all Hospitality sales channels:

  • Direct ones via Desktop, Mobile, Facebook, Metasearch Engines;
  • Indirect ones via the embedded channel manager tool managing all main OTA, IDS, Wholesales, GDS;
  • Offline and quotations via Converto CRM designed to help to manage all off line contacts and quotation requests.

Simple Booking’s CRS is made up of the following main modules:

Enterprise Booking Engine – to get direct reservations via Desktop, Mobile, Metasearch and Facebook
The famous Sunrise public interface designed to improve your B2C proposal and to compete with main OTAs.

iREV XML 2 Ways Channel Manager
The optional module to manage and update your inventory and rates in real time on all your main online dealers such as OTA, GDS, Wholesales. Connecting more than 140 different channels only via Official and Certified connections.

Converto CRM
The module to quickly & easily manage all direct request for special offers and quotations offering a user-friendly interface for Guests and a super easy management area for the Hotel Staff. 

Rate Match
Rate Match is your equalizer, balancing automatically the direct rates to create the perfect harmony between you and the OTAs, thus improving direct reservations.

Dynamic Hotel Ads
The unique technology connecting you Booking Engine to the main digital Ads Platforms (Google Ads, Google Display and Facebook Ads) to manage advanced and dynamic Remarketing Campaigns targeting your potential customers.

  • B2B Corporate Area to manage all your Corporate Sales
  • Multi-Property and Chain Version
  • Up to 25 Languages, 40 Currencies
  • Booking Recovery Tool to manage customers leaving the purchase process
  • Advanced Analytics on your global online business results
  • Geo-Localized Rates to compete with Special Prices on selected Markets
  • Packages and Smart Special Offers to improve Direct Conversions
  • Secret Rates: to offer your own Genius proposals.
  • XML: full integration with third party systems such as PMS, CRM, RMS, Channel Managers and other software
  • Google Analytics deep integration for an easy and full tracking of your digital investments.