IMA Group chooses Pat's HelpdeskAdvanced

Pat's solution will be used by IMA's 6 000 users to standardize the service management and delivery

IMA Group, global leader in the design and production of automatic machines for the production and packaging of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee decided to rely on Pat’s experience to centralize and standardize its services. HelpdeskAdvanced offered IMA a structured management to the almost 3 000 feedbacks received each year and a unique support for the 6 000 Group’s users, in Italy and abroad.

Following IMA Group’s exponential growth of the past few years, the management of the centralized IT services became more and more complex, requiring the Group to improve service structure and procedure standardization. In fact, while until a few years ago 70% of IMA’s users were set in Italy and belonged to the same infrastructure, in recent times, requests came from different channels, that couldn’t be monitored and integrated.

In these changing circumstances, IMA’s management felt the need to structure a stardardized and traceable process, therefore automating its IT Service Management at a global level with Pat’s HelpdeskAdvanced platform. HelpdeskAdvanced fully coordinates and manages all services, requests and feedbacks in different channels and manages in a standardized way some specific processes like Incident, Asset and Facility Management. Thanks to the introduction of a user web portal, IMA was able to define a detailed Portfolio and Service Catalogue, through which each user from any division or branch outside of Italy could easy navigate and identify the type of request to be sent through.

“We relied on Pat’s experience and thanks to the core HelpdeskAdvanced platform, we defined a new operative, standardized and centralized model that aims at improving the user experience” – says Salvatore La Malfa, IMA'S IT Performance Analyst - “40% of requests that before were managed via email or phone, overloading our staff, are now opened and categorized thanks to the Customer Portal, the new user’s web channel. The tool has been immediately appreciated by users that are happy to utilize it in self-service modality and by operators that have already seen their activities improving compared to the previous non-structured management.”