HelpdeskAdvanced10 not only manages the Service using a single channel of communication. Some modules of HDA enable the service management to be multichannel and shift in various channel modes. Each channel distribution represents a mode of preferential access for each user with the guarantee to be constantly synchronized and updated on the activities and progress of the service.

The cross channel communication layer of HelpdeskAdvanced10 is able to use these channels:

  • Web Portal
  • Chat
  • E-mail
  • Mobile App
  • Voice
  • SMS

Supported Channels:

  • Web: A multilingual portal (Customer Portal) dedicated to the ITSM with several self-service mode;
  • Chat: Support provided in real-time thanks to the native integration with ENGAGENT. The platform Engagent can also deliver the support service in self-service mode through its virtual agent;
  • E-mail: Enhanced Support via email with multi-domain management, automatic sorting, automation, and answers in a self-service mode.
  • Mobile: Web Support, and also chat on mobile devices thanks to the interface in HTML5 of iWeb, to provide assistance also via Tablet and Smartphone.
  • Voice: A module could provide telephone assistance with an integration to the CTI. The service could  open automated services associated with the calling number and autogeneration events (inbound and outbound)
  • SMS: A channel distribution (software/hardware) ideal to inform and notify customers, employee or partners on the progress of a request. With an integration of a NLP Engine and  BrainInteractive, we can automate a conversation/dialog with the users

Native integration with third party software: HelpDeskAdvanced10 can easily integrate with third party solutions and systems. It is possible to exchange data to/from external applications in these ways:

Web Services: HelpdeskAdvanced 10 supports Web Services SOAP, that allows to access to the entities managed by the system in read only mode and in write mode;

BrainBusiness: using the potentialities of Brain Business it’s possible to integrate HelpdeskAdvanced 10 with third party solutions using Web Services SOAP or REST in the most common processes (approval processes, objects editing, customized processes);

Customized extensions: when it’s required to show information stored in external systems HelpdeskAdvanced 10 allows to develop “extensions” that allows to customize information arrivi

Thanks to dynamic and customizable dashboards, Plus is able to visualize the analysis and the performance indicators (KPI) of the ITSM processes. The representation of service levels, activities managed and completed, key data and information to be monitored, occurs both in real-time and asynchronous mode.

The solution for Data Visualization that can be used in Self-Service mode to see detailed information and reports based on HelpdeskAdvanced10 data

Live Chat Support provides first level assistance in real time, proactively dialoguing with users both through real and virtual operators, thanks to NLP technology able to understand the natural language of interlocutors.Engagent activates management processes and rules and ticket routing therefore automating the resolution of first level incide