In many companies tasks, resources and data are put together and managed within company processes in an uncontrolled and often chaotic manner. Business Process Management is a procedure for automating, controlling and improving the efficiency of company processes.

BrainBusiness, the “engine” driving Helpdeskadvanced10, is the instrument of Business Process Management capable of designing, organizing and automating ITSM key processes with obvious benefits in terms of performance, cost reduction and flexibility with respect to the changing needs of IT and of the business.
Brainbusiness allows to design, organize, monitor and automate the processes involved in the provision of IT services, reducing the human resources’ workload, optimizing their productivity and increasing control over their activities.

Immediate and extendable
With immediate installation and integration with other IT systems, BrainBusiness was developed natively for the HelpdeskAdvanced and InfiniteCRM applications, ensuring maximum compatibility and integration with all the solutions provided by PAT.
Using Webservices (SOAP/WSDL) and connectors created ad hoc, BrainBusiness also integrates with other applications used in your IT processes. There is no limit to its extendibility.

Accessible and Multichannel
BrainBusiness provides tools for the creation of interfaces to access processes by third parties, also on mobile devices. 
BrainBusiness enables the creation of forms to interface the information flow from outside, making use of the latest generation mobile devices and tablet PCs.

Easy editing
Thanks to the Studio Editor, BrainBusiness offers process editing