Case history


The innovation of Design and the evolution of Human Resources

SECTOR: Furniture

Client Profile

LAGO designs and creates Made in Italy furnishing: the modular design of their furniture pieces makes them perfect both for a private use within the house, and for places where the community meets, such as hotels, restaurants, shops and work spaces.

The origin of such an innovative conception of design can be found in the craft tradition that the Lago family has carried on since the end of the nineteenth century. Over the years the company has opened up to the international market, with over 900 stores in more than 20 countries worldwide.

LAGO has always been committed to protecting the environment at every stage of their production, while guaranteeing the highest quality standards. The company headquarters, LAGO FABBRICA, is a concrete example of this spirit: a "non-factory" of 11,000 square meters, that appears more like a great house of glass and wood rather than a manufacturing company, designed while bearing in mind both the environment and the welfare of workers.

Over the years, LAGO has reached big numbers and a complex personnel management, with over 190 employees divided between the production line and the administrative offices. This is why the company was looking for a software that could manage and administer the personnel in an innovative manner:

  • Based on a single database to optimize data management, with as little errors and redundancies as possible;
  • With an integrated application platform to manage people and information across all areas;
  • Including mobile applications to ensure all functionalities to the personnel that is always on the move.

The Job Designs project was the first stone in the collaboration with Zucchetti: an Employee Evaluation project that, along with the traditional performance indicators, examines the behavior of employees as well. 

LAGO “cares more about how an employee works, rather than the results they achieved”. 

The involvement of Zucchetti within LAGO goes well beyond the Employee Evaluation: Zucchetti takes care of the administrative department, with the Payroll and Time & Attendance software, and of the issues related to workplace health and safety, with Safety Solution. 

A significant part of the project with Zucchetti was the implementation of Infinity ZTravel, a software that manages business travels in every aspect, from the booking process to the report. Moreover, the very possibility of using the software functions directly from mobile devices was one of the strengths that convinced the management of the LAGO company to invest further on the project with Zucchetti. 

As a matter of fact, Infinity ZTravel is natively integrated with the ZConnect App, a mobile application that allows the staff to access all the main functions of the software when they are not in the office. During the business trip, the employee can take a photograph of receipts, invoices and any other documentation of expenditure to load them into the application, minimizing the use of paper and optimizing the refund management timing. 

The entire process can be monitored in any moment thanks to the Business Intelligence tools, which provide an immediate, comprehensive and detailed view of the expense items related to the employees.

Mr. Michele Pan - HR Manager

"We were looking for a company that could satisfy our requests in terms of management and administration of the personnel with an innovative perspective. What helped us in choosing the software was specifically asking all the companies to show us their mobile applications, and I must say that one of the few companies that complied exhaustively with this issue was Zucchetti.

As Daniele Lago often says, 'we put the focus back on the individual, and this is what design is all about'. Thanks to the solutions offered by Zucchetti we can achieve this goal and put the focus back on the individual in terms of development, wellbeing and business."