Travel Expense Management

Your Solution for the Final Balance of Expenses

ZTravel is a Zucchetti web solution for companies that want to use a simple and efficient system.
Designed and conceived with a modular structure, in order to allow each company to set up its specific requirements and organization, the entire system is based on Infinity Application Framework (IAF) a fully web based native solution, the base of all applications of Zucchetti family.

The Travel Expense Mangement module is the solution for the final balance of expenses made during the business trip and the entire post-travel process:

  • travel expense notes filing
  • refunds list
  • output preparation (refund payments, single employment ledger, and accounting)
  • transmission of summarizing data for single employment ledger purposes
  • direct refunds payment on bank account or payslip
  • expense accounting on ERP company system
  • generation of summarizing documents related to the invoice expenses
To simplify, ease and increase the productivity of the filling in process and reduce indirect costs, users can insert:

  • business trip data (departure/arrival city, schedules. etc.)
  • expense items, with the possibility to define currency, payment method and document type (receipt, invoice etc.)
  • a copy of the documents that will be automatically archived in the business trip file (DMS)
  • a street itinerary with the possibility to acquire from Google Maps distances for each route
  • accounting references (order, cost center, customer, etc.)
  • advanced payments received by the company

With Travel Expense Management your company also has many customizing possibilities to:

  • process customized calculations
  • create refund lists with a specific layout and automatic archive the document generated in the DMS
  • differentiate tax treatments applied to the business trips of each country being natively designed as multi-lingual and multi-currency 

ZTravel improves the work of all resources involved in the administrative processes thanks to the integration with AirPlus Company Account, AirPlus’ centralized solution for payment, reporting and travel services analysis.
The data related to the booking made with AiPlus’ lodge payment solutions are acquired by the software, where all transactions are matched with each travelling employee’s expense report for a complete accounting automation. At the end of the process, travel expenses converge in one unique bill regardless of the purchasing channel.

ZTravel integration with Soldo Business empowers companies to manage employees and expense centres across the organization. Thanks to the creation of online wallets and plastic or virtual MasterCard cards, workers and departments spend on the company’s behalf, allowing an increase in visibility over spending and optimizing accounting processes.

ZTravel has been designed to satisfy the needs of all company departments usually involved in the business travel process (HR, administration, finance, etc.). Thanks to a unique portal, it allows all of them to access functionalities of interest thanks to the perfect integration with Zucchetti HR, to answer the HR management needs (payslips, presences, timesheet, etc).

The software allows you to analyse all data and processes with a series of immediate and punctual Analytics reports. Save time and make strategic and operative decisions having everything under control.

The Travel & Fleet Analytics reports that are immediately available are:

  • Transfer Planning  Analysis of transfers planned in the month and comparison with previous month. Transfer planning Gantt.
  • Transfer costs in Expense Reports  Analysis of Transfer costs in Expense Reports. Comparison with the costs of the previous year.