In-recruiting. The intelligent Software tool for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Zucchetti Group has completed the procedures to make its new recruiting and Talent Acquisition software marketable in Europe. It's In-recruiting, leader in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) European market, a cloud-based software for managing the entire recruiting and Talent Acquisition process.

Since July 2019 it became part of the Zucchetti Group. It currently has more than 500 customers, 25% of which in UK and Spain and is now going global developing business outside Europe too.

In-recruiting automates and simplifies the entire personnel selection process to make the recruiter's work faster and more efficient. It is a scalable, multilingual solution that can be easily integrated with third-party software and aimed at multinational companies, SMEs, employment agencies and research and selection companies. With the integrated CRM, it is also possible to track and follow the personal searches requested by your customers. All in one place.

In-recruiting allows you to simplify the recruitment processes with a strong focus on mobile and social recruiting. It helps the company attract and engage talents by exploiting Social Networks and using e-mail marketing, questionnaires and videoconferences managed directly within the platform.

In January 2020 In-recruiting launched Inda (Intelligence Data Analysis), a proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to support Talent Acquisition. Through functions such as information extraction, semantic search, scoring and candidate matching, Inda automates the repetitive tasks of recruiters and HR, enhancing the search for candidates and optimizing the entire search and selection process in which they are involved.

In-recruiting is provided in Saas (Software as a Service) model and, to meet the needs of each customer, it is also usable in the ENTERPRISE version. Besides, APIs are available for external integrations of services such as Inda (Intelligence Data Analysis) and Multiposting.

In-recruiting is available in 8 languages and ready to be proposed by the Zucchetti WBO countries.

You can sell In-recruiting as a part of HR Infinity or as a stand-alone software.